Nickelback Reveals Charlie Daniels ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ Cover Video

by Samantha Stutsman

Years ago, Nickelback covered ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia‘ while in the studio with Dave Martone. On Friday, the band dropped their rendition along with an animated video—paying homage to Charlie Daniels who died from a stroke in July.

The major difference between the two versions? The Canadian rock band traded the fiddle for the guitar in the battle between Johnny and the devil.

“It was fun to tackle and brought back memories for us all. When Charlie Daniels passed, the world lost a music icon. We hope our version will bring half as much joy as his did for us,” Nickelback tweeted.

In an interview with ET Canada, Nickelback’s bassist Mike Kroeger talked putting their own spin on the classic 1979 song.

“Charlie Daniels was obviously a massive talent,” he says. “We’ve had this sitting around for a really long time. A lot of people think that we’re just a band that plays the gushy love song things, but all of us have a metal-head streak so what we decided is, we’re gonna make it heavy and actually make it sound a little more evil.”

Nickelback Celebrates 15th-Anniversary of “All the Right Reasons”

Kroeger went on to talk about the band’s re-release of their 2005 album “All the Right Reasons,” featuring remastered tracks and live performances.

“It was something that we were really planning on doing a tour of. We were gonna go out and play “All the Right Reasons” from the beginning to the end but the tour got scrubbed and we decided to do the re-release anyway,” Kroeger explains. “Our fans are looking for it, they want something.”

As for the band itself, he says they “still love playing, still love making music, still don’t mind getting our picture taken occasionally,” even some 25 years later.

“Professionally we have just gone a lot of places, done a lot of things, played thousands and thousands of shows and been in front of all these great fans that we have. Our people are the greatest,” he added. “It’s just a continuation of the great ride we started in 1995. We’re just having a great time doing it and enjoying it.”

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