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‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ House Hits the Market for $3.25 Million

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

The famous “A Nightmare on Elm Street” house is back on the market for $3.25 million this time around.

Director Lorene Scafaria bought the 1428 N Genesee Avenue house in 2013 for $2.1 million. She put it on the market last Wednesday and is taking offers for it.

Director Scafaria, 43, was in charge of such films as 2012’s “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” and 2019’s “Hustlers.” The 2005 “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” film was her directorial debut. Now, she’s moving on from the horror haven. Scafaria is comedian Bo Burnham’s girlfriend.

That is, up until midnight on Halloween. Cue the spooky laughter. Oh, and to make things fun, the real estate agents will give candy to trick-or-treaters that night too.

“Nightmare On Elm Street” House Listed

The 3-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home made the big screen in Wes Craven’s 1984 horror slasher film featuring Johnny Depp.

Go through the real estate offering, and you’ll see the Dutch Colonial home has a modern twist. But there’s one change — the black door. The film features a red door.

The home, built in 1919, has two stories with an open, retro-modern kitchen. There’s a bathroom connected to each bedroom of the 2,700 square foot home. 

The total acreage of the house is .16, with a pool and citrus trees. There are also terraces, patios, and picture windows on the property. Across the way, a guesthouse features a kitchen, designer bathroom, and a pergola-topped balcony.

Movie Spawned A Sequel

If you’ve never heard of the horror film, let’s just say Freddy Krueger is a spirit with a gloved hand embedded with razors. In the movie, Krueger kills his victims in their dreams, and they also die in the real world.

Krueger goes after a group of Springwood, Ohio teens at the 1428 Elm Street house, also featured in the sequel, “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.”  

The home’s listing agents said the house in the Spaulding Square neighborhood doesn’t have the same look as other Los Angeles homes. Craven, who died in 2015, may have found that location perfect for an Ohio setting.

The house is also well-known by the tour bus companies.

“The façade is iconic, but the ties to the movie stop as soon as you walk through the front door. Inside, it’s a beautiful traditional-style space with a modern twist,” listing agent Learka Bosnak told The Los Angeles Times.

As for the Halloween night fun, Bosnack said curious film fans could check out the house and get a little candy, too. Maybe they’ll hand out candy corn.

“We all missed Halloween last year because of the pandemic, so this year is the Halloween comeback tour,” Bosnak told the newspaper. “We have to celebrate.”