Nine Firefighters Killed During Training Drill When Cave Collapses

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo credit should read PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images)

A horrible accident in Brazil leaves nine firefighters dead after a cave collapsed on them. During a training event, 26 Brazilian firefighters were on a drill mission when the tragedy occurred.

Despite a rescue crew’s best efforts to pull survivors from the rubble and wreckage, all nine of the firefighters trapped perished. The first responders were training in the city of Altinopolis, the Sao Paulo fire department said.

While rescue teams worked tirelessly to find a solution and save the men, heavy rains in the area prevented them from making a lot of progress early on, authorities said, via The Sun.

“There were 9 dead and one person rescued. There are no more victims at the site,” the Sao Paulo fire department confirmed.

Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria sent his heartfelt condolences to those lost along with their families on Twitter. In the message, the governor said he would provide “all the support and resources necessary for the rescue of the victims.”

Firefighters Rescue Dog From Embankment

In a much happier tale, Oregon firefighters came to the rescue of a woman’s Great Dane after it disappeared down an embankment and was trapped. However, the pup’s owner didn’t know where her dog had gone at the time.

“I turned around and said come on and said come on Presley and she was gone, vanished!” Susan Clark, the dog’s owner said. “I looked and looked and looked everywhere.”

Clark went into panic mode. She frantically searched for the missing dog. She even grabbed a few neighbors to help her look for her. Then she got some news, albeit not great news. A neighbor confirmed the dog had fallen and it didn’t appear she could walk.

So Clark decided to enlist the help of the Westport Fire & Rescue. However, there was a small issue.

“They said you know we don’t rescue dogs and I begged him to please ask anybody he said okay, came back on the phone and he said what’s the address they’re going to be on their way,” Clark said.

The woman was ecstatic to hear the firefighters were willing to come out and help rescue Presley. They were able to use their equipment to load the trapped dog onto a stretcher so she could receive medical attention.

“Oh my gosh they were amazing and I feel so lucky that they didn’t turn me away and if anybody needed any type of rescue I definitely would call them they’re awesome,” Clark said.

After a veterinarian saw the Great Dane, it was determined the dog would make a full recovery. Clark said she was so grateful the firefighters stepped in when she couldn’t.