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NJ Toddler Accidentally Buys $1,700 Worth of Items From Walmart

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A New Jersey family was surprised after $1,700 worth of Walmart accent chairs showed up at their home this week. But the real shock came when they realized that their toddler had made the purchases.

As reported by Fox News, 22-month-old Ayaansh Kumar is tech-savvy enough to open his mother’s shopping app and order all new furnishings for his New Jersey home.

His mother, Madhu, had filled her online cart with furniture she liked. But like most people, she planned on narrowing her choices before finalizing the purchase.

However, when Ayaansh got his hands on her phone, he went ahead and bought it all. And soon after, packages began to arrive at his Middlesex County home.

“This came as a surprise to us, as we never thought that he would place that many orders,” his father Pramod Kumar said. “We have been getting packages all week now and are running out of space in our home. Today we got two more big packages.”

By Saturday (Jan. 22), “10 to 12 big, big packages” were already delivered.

“We had put the items in an online cart for our review later, to revisit these items and see if we really wanted them or not. My wife thought she would go back and check these out later, to see what she wanted or not,” Pramod added.

When the tot made the order, Walmart sent his mom a confirmation email. But Madhu didn’t notice it until “days later.” And by that time, the furniture was already on the way.

The Kumars will Return Most of the Walmart Packages

Because the family was only shopping for a few accent chairs, they plan on returning most of the items. But they’re going to keep a few— since they’re great conversational pieces.

“Initially, we were thinking we would return everything,” Pramod told Fox News Digital. “But now, after this news has made so many people laugh and made them smile — and especially during this bad time of COVID, and all of these other things going on — we are just very happy that this is making people laugh.”

“So we want to keep some of the items our son ordered as a memory,” he added.

The Kumars aren’t sure that they can return all of the purchases because they were shipped and sold by third-party vendors. However, they hope that Walmart will work with them.

“We are still figuring it out,” Pramod admitted. “Walmart has a good return policy, so we are hopeful.”

So how did the 22-month-old manage to make the purchase?

As his parents shared, he’s the youngest of three children. So Madhu and Pramod believe that he learned how to navigate cell phones by watching his siblings use theirs. And since the older kids have been home so much during the pandemic, the toddler has had many opportunities to watch.