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North Carolina Man Scales Electrical Tower, Causes Major Power Outage

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Vladimir SmirnovTASS via Getty Images)

A North Carolina man climbed an electrical tower. Soon, police and first responders were attempting to save his life, which included turning the power off.

You should never climb electrical poles and especially not towers. There is a ton of power that gets passed through these massive structures and there’s a reason why you should stay away. The man got himself stuck 90 feet up. Then, he had to be rescued.

The entire rescue operation took four hours to complete. Police responded to Nations Crossing Road in Charlotte, NC. There the man had climbed the tower and gotten himself in quite a predicament.

“That tower was energized with six lines, each carrying about 115,000 volts,” Major Brian Foley told local news. “I don’t know what your faith is, but I think God was watching over him today.”

Once the man was stuck up in the tower, officials had no other choice but to turn the power off. They called up Duke Energy and got power to redirect away from the tower. There were businesses and residents hat experienced a temporary power outage throughout the area. Duke Energy did manage to reroute power but that didn’t stop the outages from occurring.

“This is about saving someone’s life,” Foley explained. “I know some people were upset about their power being cut off, but truly this is about trying to protect an individual and keep them from dying.”

Apparently, the individual had to be talked down from the tower. During the talks, bystanders made that effort more difficult by chiming in. One resident flew a drone close to the man and was investigated for interfering. Thankfully, officers talked the man down and he was sent to a hospital for treatment.

The area has had outages due to inclement weather recently.

North Carolina, Other States Hit With Winter Weather

It was just last week when parts of the southeast and the east coast were coated in a sheet of snow. North Carolina was among the states that received some intense winter weather. There were thousands that were affected by power outages amid the snow and the heavy winds.

There was a lot of snow that covered the region and families are wary of further power outages. This is not the time of year that folks want their lights and heat going out on them. While it is understandable that there would be frustration from further outages, thankfully the latest issue with the stranded man was only temporary.

North Carolina can deal with a lot of strange and extreme weather. The winter season is usually one where the state has at least a couple of incidents with heavy snow and usually some ice. The southeast and the east coast have already gotten one major storm. When will the next one arrive?