North Carolina Man Wins $100,000 in Lucky Powerball Draw

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

After months of no winners, the Powerball finally hit earlier this month bringing one lucky lottery player a massive $2 billion in winnings. While no other win came close to matching this impressive haul, we did see a few other winners hit it fairly big that same night. One of these Powerball players is a North Carolina man who decided at the last minute to grab a ticket.

When Michael Buck visited the Rocky Mount Walmart in North Carolina earlier this month, he had no idea how lucky the visit would end up being. According to reports, Michael Buck told the officials at the North Carolina Education Lottery that one of the employees in this North Carolina Walmart. After all, the drawing was up to $2.04 billion.

“The girl at the pharmacy told me they sold Powerball tickets at customer service,” the 62-year-old lottery winner recalls.

“I told her, ‘If I win, I’ll come back and buy you a car,’” Michael Buck says.

The Powerplay Doubles The $50,000 Winning Ticket

While Buck didn’t win the jackpot during the drawing last week he did match some of the numbers. Four white balls hit perfectly along with the Powerball. This lucky match led to Buck winning $50,000. However, the lottery winner doubled his prize as he selected the Powerplay option. This multiplied the pot by 2X. This means that Michael Buck’s simple $3 investment at Walmart netted him a cool $71,017 after federal and state taxes are collected. Not a bad haul in the slightest!

Buck, who works as a solutions architect says he plans on using the bulk of his winnings to boost his retirement savings. Like many of us, Michael Buck doesn’t play Powerball regularly. However, when the jackpot grows as it has over the last few months, the lottery winner was more inclined to purchase a ticket.

According to the reports, Buck has stated that he will usually purchase a ticket for the Powerball game when the jackpot is high. Something like $500 million Buck says. But, the lucky lotto winner says, he wasn’t sure how to react when he realized he had a winning ticket.

“I kind of just walked around the house a little bit. I was shaking,” Buck remembers. While this winner’s take home is a good chunk of cash, he says he won’t be able to buy the Walmart clerk the car he promised. However, he is planning on giving her something.

“I didn’t hit the jackpot, Buck says. “So I can’t buy her a car, but I’ll definitely bring her something.”