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North Carolina Mother and Son Accused of Framing Deer, Animals in $10,000 Insurance Scam

by Michael Freeman
(photo by Vickie Flores/In Pictures via Getty Images Images)

Hundreds of insurance scams occur every day, but a recent claim differs from what you typically hear. A mother and son in North Carolina are accused of a $10,000 insurance scam framing deer and other animals.

State officials say the mother and son are lying about their $10,000 insurance claim involving crashes with wildlife. Martha Jeffries Inman deceived her insurance company by claiming “her car and truck had been struck multiple times by deer and other animals,” the North Carolina Department of Insurance said last Thursday in a news release. Inman’s son, Cecil Dwayne Roberson, is accused of submitting a false report supporting his mother’s claim.

Inman’s claim saw her receive $10,635 from Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. A press release notes the alleged fraud occurred between October 15, 2019, and January 10, 2021. It remains unclear how many claims the duo submitted together. It is also unknown what animals they hit.

Authorities charged Inman and Roberson of fraud. Additionally, Inman, who was served with a criminal summons on August 18, was also charged with obtaining property by false pretenses. Roberson faced charges of aiding and abetting, with police arrested him on August 19.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey reports insurance fraud can cost customers “$120 billion a year in increased premiums,” making it a huge problem.

“The Department of Insurance has reinforced its criminal investigations procedures and personnel in an effort to make more arrests to keep fraud from driving up insurance costs.”

A representative with the state Department of Insurance has not immediately responded for further comments on the case.

Woman Cuts off Own Hand to Collect Insurance Money, Court Finds Her Guilty of Fraud

Inman and Roberson’s attempts at fraud are one thing, but some instances can get rather extreme. For example, a court found a Slovenian woman guilty of sawing off her own hand to claim an insurance payout.

22-year old Juliji Adlesic will serve two years in prison for her claim. Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the scam, her boyfriend, will serve three years. The pair allegedly signed life insurance and injury contracts with five separate companies. FOX News reports the two then agreed Adlesic would cut her hand off to collect payouts.

While en route to the hospital, Adlesic claimed the accident occurred when sawing branches. The couple hoped to receive 380,000 euros in damages with a recurring monthly 3,000 euro payment. They left the hand behind hoping they’d receive more money since Adlesic would receive permanent disability. However, authorities still found it and were able to reattach it to her wrist.

Prosecutors report days before the incident, Adlesic’s boyfriend searched about artificial hands, which served as evidence it was an insurance plot. Though they both claimed to be innocent, the court found them guilty and sentenced them.