Northeast Winter Storm Makes for ‘Extremely Dangerous Travel Conditions’

by Shelby Scott

Last week saw dangerous winter conditions gripping areas across Virginia and Maryland. The storm saw numerous travelers become stuck on I-95, some more than 24 hours. Now, this weekend, it seems winter weather extremes have moved farther north. Sunday morning saw a dangerous winter storm had arrived overnight, creating treacherous travel conditions.

Through Saturday night and into Sunday, radars showed much of the Northeast pummeled by an onslaught of rain, snow, ice, and just an overall nasty wintery mix. According to CNN, regions across Pennsylvania and New York especially received increased amounts of freezing rain and sleet. Sunday morning saw more than 30 million people across the Northeast under a winter weather advisory.

The National Weather Service, based out of State College, PA, said “significant icing” will likely coat the central region of the state. Affected areas remained under an ice storm warning until 2 p.m. Overall, forecasters predicted a total accumulation of a quarter to a half an inch for Sunday.

Additionally, the NWS stated drivers should anticipate, “Extremely dangerous travel conditions.”

The outlet continued with, “Untreated surfaces will be very slippery. Isolated power outages are possible.”

For those who must go out, the NWS further instructed affected individuals to “keep an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.”

As Sunday progresses, CNN reported the wintery mix of dangerous conditions should turn to mostly freezing rain. Meanwhile, areas at higher elevations may experience snow.

Kentucky Under State of Emergency Amid Paralyzing Winter Storm

As said above, winter storms and treacherous conditions have been plaguing areas across the East Coast, though snow and ice have definitely remained a concern for Outsiders across much of the country. Prior to the winter storm currently engulfing New England, Kentucky experienced extreme weather conditions earlier this week. It in turn sent the southern state into a state of emergency.

Heavy snow began falling across KY early on Thursday, with areas rapidly seeing as much as nine inches of accumulation before the day’s end. Throughout the duration of the storm, motorists experienced numerous traffic issues, with damage far-reaching.

Major problems occurred on KY’s I-64 when a massive 50-75 car pile-up resulted in the closure of the interstate. Eventually, after Lexington police responded to more than 100 car crashes, the unit stopped responding to non-injury collisions on I-75.

To assist in emergency response, search and rescue teams were later employed to complete safety checks on stranded motorists. As of Thursday evening, Lexington had seen a total accumulation of nine inches of snow. Typically, the city usually sees a season total of 14 inches annually.

Further, like regions across the Northeast are currently experiencing, forecasters highly cautioned residents to remain home. Additionally, isolated areas across the Southern state saw power outages as a result.