Northern California Facing Major Winter Storm Set to Bring 8 Feet of Snow

by Samantha Whidden

Northern California is reportedly facing a major winter storm that is predicted to bring at least eight feet of snow. The storm will also be bringing rain and wind throughout other parts of the Golden State.

According to DailyMail, the storm hit Sunday morning with snow hitting portions of the 5 Freeway, which is north of Redding. The National Weather Service also reported that it forecasts “tremendous snow accumulations at pass levels with yardstick required for snow measurement.” 

The National Weather Service further revealed on Instagram that the strong winter storm will impact southwest CA late Monday and Tuesday. Residents should expect heavy rain and mountain snow. Forecasters also share with ABC 7 Los Angeles that on Tuesday, the weather system will move into L.A. Country and will likely make a mess of rush hour traffic. “A very strong jet will move over the area.”

The media outlet also shares that gusts may peak at around 60 mph Tuesday in the mountains and high desert. Health officials are also advising the public not to swim or surf in ocean waters at and around discharging storm drains, creeks, and rivers after significant rainfall. This is also due to a possible increase in bacteria, chemicals, debris, trash, and other public health hazards.

The National Weather Service Tells California Residents to Prepare For Rain & Snow 

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service shared how California residents can prepare for the storm, which will bring not only snow but large amounts of snow. “Now is the time to prepare for water issues, clear drains and gutters, and cover outdoor projects that could get soaked,” the organization declared on Sunday.

Those in the affected areas should avoid traveling through higher mountain passes. This is due to strong winds and blowing snow, which will happen on Tuesday. “Mariners should remain in the harbors until gales subside.”

Along with The National Weather Service, The Los Angeles Fire Department has shared a series of reminders Sunday related to the potential for mud and debris flow. “Now is the time to make your preparations before the brunt of the rain affects the LA County region Monday night through Tuesday morning.”

Due to the potential significant rainfall, the L.A. County Public Works has issued Phase 1/2 Debris and Mudflow forecasts for areas affected by recent forest fires. 

Meanwhile, the L.A. Fire Department noted that those who are requiring sandbags may visit L.A. County Public Work’s website to find the nearest fire station for bags and sand. “Follow your local public safety Law/Fire agencies as the storm approaches. Weather forecasts are updated.”

Up-to-date emergency information is available on the L.A. County website.