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NSA Believes Aliens Could Use High Frequencies to Contact Humanity

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images)

The National Security Agency (NSA) has warned that aliens could contact us through high-frequency signals.

This information comes from a declassified NSA document titled “Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” The report goes through all of the different ways that we could be contacted by aliens. One way that they could reach out to us is through a signal that has a frequency of 1420.405752 megacycles per second. The signal would also have a wavelength of 8.26 inches, according to the federal agency. This is the radiation frequency of atomic hydrogen. It is found throughout space and can pass through Earth’s atmosphere.

Basically, this frequency would be able to travel through space and reach us on Earth. Not only that, but it would likely be understood by other lifeforms.

‘We’re Not Alone In the Universe’

This NSA document backs up its communication claims with research and sources from other scientific agencies. The federal agency cites the National Academy of Sciences’ opinion on aliens. They think that interacting with aliens “is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural event in the history of mankind that will perhaps occur in the lifetime of many of us.”

The NSA’s report goes on to say, “A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists.” To put it bluntly, according to this report, “we are not alone in the universe.”

Where Are the Aliens?

According to the NSA report, there are at least 100 million stars in our galaxy that could support life. This calculation originally comes from the famed astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell. If there are so many potential environments for life, where are all of the aliens?

Well, they might just be too far away from us right now. According to NASA’s Dr. Su-Shu Huang, the solar system closest to ours can’t host life yet. The planets of Alpha Centauri are simply too young. However, there are other solar systems that could support life. For example, the Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti solar systems could both potentially host aliens. The Sun reports that these solar systems are about 111 light-years away, though.

“Nevertheless, if superior civilizations are abundant, the nearest would probably be at least 100 light-years away,” the NSA report states. “Therefore it would take 200 years for a reply to be forthcoming, a small matter of seven generations.”

Earlier this month, scientists even say that they have found a planet that would be able to support life. They think that the planet is located in the “habitable zone” of its Sun. This means that it’s not too hot or too cold for life to exist on the planet.

Since the creation of a new government unit called the Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office (ARSO), we can expect to hear more news about potential alien life. The unit’s purpose is to uncover and identify UFOs.