NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Says ‘COVID Is the Grinch’ Ahead of Christmas Season

by Kayla Zadel

We think it’s safe to say that the coronavirus has been called a number of names by now. However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is citing one notorious Christmas individual.

Andrew Cuomo is comparing COVID-19 to the Grinch. Now, the Grinch is known for coming up with a way to try and ruin Christmas. Perhaps that’s the message Cuomo’s trying to get across. He’s warning New Yorkers against getting together during the holidays, though we might be happier during this time of year, the pandemic is not something that we should just push aside.

Additionally, the NY Governor is taking certain precautions regarding the coronavirus as we round another week into the holidays. The Recount on Twitter took his public address and put it to some Christmas music to make it more festive. Then the news account shared the message.

“We’re now all happy this time of year and we’re going to come together,” the governor starts out by saying. Then he talks about other various holiday activities.

“COVID is the Grinch. Think of it that way. And the COVID Grinch is an opportunist and the COVID Grinch sees this as the season of viral transmission,” Cuomo states.

Twitter Reacts to Andrew Cuomo Grinch Statement

Some users on Twitter have something to say about Cuomo’s comment on the Grinch.

This person writes, “Grinch was friendly with the people by the end of the story. I really wish more politicians would watch the story until the end.”

Additionally this commenter references the movie and does their own compariosof the coronavirus to the Grinch character.

“So its misunderstood and in the end will be the good guy?” messages this Twitter user.