Ohio Army National Guard Specialist Has Been Missing for a Month

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Whitman/NurPhoto via Getty Images

An Ohio Army National Guard specialist has reportedly been missing for over a month. No one has seen Michaela Nelson since Oct. 26.

Nelson is a member of the Ohio Army National Guard and recently completed her Advanced Individual Training while in Fort Jackson, South Carolina on Oct. 2. But according to Fox News, Nelson never returned to her Dayton base to report for duty. Her family last reported hearing from her on October 26.

According to a private investigator James Terry, her family believes the National Guard member may have gone into hiding. The family hired Terry to investigate her disappearance and bring her home. According to Terry, Nelson’s FaceTime is still connected to a phone, just not her current device.

“She’s using a phone, some sort of phone,” he told Fox News Digital this week. “She just doesn’t have her number on.”

According to Nelson’s cousin, she last communicated with her grandmother at the end of the month. But Nelson’s cousin hasn’t spoken verbally with Nelson since the death of Nelson’s mother in September. Likewise, Nelson’s father Lance believes his daughter could be anywhere.

“She could be anywhere in the United States,” he told the outlet.

Additionally, she may be driving a dark gray 2015 Dodger Charger SXT. License plate readers in Columbus, Ohio picked up the car near her apartment between Oct. 6 and 15. But the vehicle is now missing as well.

National Guard Member Has Large TikTok Following

Nelson’s cousin is begging her to reach out to the family to let them know her whereabouts. The Ohio National Guard member also reportedly has a large social media presence. As a former college athlete, her TikTok has around 18,000 followers. Nelson ran track at Cedarville University.

According to her cousin, Nelson recently started hanging out with a new group of friends. According to Terry, the private investigator believes Nelson may be trying to dodge her responsibilities in the military. He cites her mother’s death as a potential instigating incident.

“First and foremost, Spc. Nelson’s health and safety are our priority,” an Ohio Army National Guard spokesperson told the outlet. “Any discussion of discipline or administrative action is not a priority.”

Online, Nelson uses the name Michaela Kay on social media. Other nicknames include Kayla Kay as well. Recently, Nelson went to the NBA Finals according to her TikTok in August. Later, she voiced concerns she might be failing officer candidate school as well.

 Both Nelson’s family and the National Guard would like to ensure Nelson’s safety. Authorities are currently investigating the matter. Outsider will keep you updated with the latest as we discover new information.