Ohio Couple Celebrates 100th Birthdays After Nearly 80 Years Together

by Jonathan Howard

Some folks just have a storybook journey. One Ohio couple is celebrating 100 years of life and almost 80 years of marriage. Big news for their community. It was July 1922 when June and Hubert Malicote were born. June is the oldest, born on the 13th while her future husband was born on the 23rd.

Just last month, the couple celebrated their 79th anniversary. Now, they have a centennial to look on. The two had a shared party at their local church. The same place where their love was kindled in the first place. It was 1941 when the two first met. A church revival was the event that brought these two out – each with their own group of friends at the time.

Love at First Sight

  • An Ohio couple shared a special moment as they celebrated their 100th birthday
  • June and Hubert Malicote have also been married for 79 years
  • The two first met at the age of 19 and started dating
  • They had their birthday party at the same church that they met at in 1941

During that revival, it was June who looked back and smiled at Hubert. That was all that he needed. The young man was in love and knew he had to talk to this young lady again.

“After the service, down the street,” the man explained to FoxNews.com, “was an ice cream parlor, so all of us young people went to the parlor, got ice cream and talked and had a nice little afternoon together. There were no automobiles or anything. So, she went her way, and I went mine. I kind of thought about how I would make contact. And I decided that church was the best place.”

So, he showed up to church the next Sunday. He talked to her again, and they started to go on about their relationship. This happened for a few weeks until the county fair came around. And we all know about those county fairs. The Ohio couple went out on their first date, and later that night had their first kiss.

“I really didn’t know what to do,” Hubert said. “I was just barely 19 and kind of a country boy. And I thought, ‘She’s looking pretty dressed in red.'”

Apparently, he was so overwhelmed that he just bolted out the door afterward. Despite the awkward goodbye, June had no ill will for her date, and they kept dating. Of course, it would be in 1942 when Hubert joined up with the Navy to fight overseas in World War II.

Ohio Couple Reflects on 100 Years of Life

Of course, 100 years is a big thing to celebrate. So, the local community put something special together for the couple. At the Eaton Road Church of God, the two were celebrated with cake and a meal. It is the same church (different name) that they met at all those years ago. These folks came together in order to make sure that these two had a great birthday.

When people make the extra effort, great things like this can happen. 130 people stopped by in order to celebrate the two and have a good time. Happy 100th birthday to the Ohio couple, June and Hubert Malicote!