Ohio Police Tase, Arrest Woman for Refusing To Wear Mask at 8th Grade Football Game

by Matthew Wilson

Ohio police arrested and tased a woman after she refused to wear a face mask at an 8th grade football game.

Both athletic directors for Marietta City and Logan schools confirmed the incident. Bystanders, who recorded the event, later posted the encounter on social media.

The incident happened at a football game in Logan on Wednesday (Sept. 23). Almost 300 people attended the game. According to the Logan athletic director, the school mandated all fans wear masks while at the game. The middle school assistant principal Adam Twiss tried to get the woman and her mother to comply, but she resisted.

“Everyone that came through ticketing tonight was reminded. We had regular announcements over the PA reminding [fans] that mouths and noses needed to be covered. And we had signs at the bathrooms,” Logan Athletic Director Theresa Schultheiss said.

An Ohio police officer tased the woman after she resisted.

In the video, a police officer attempted to put the woman, Alecia Kitts of Marietta, under arrest. It is unclear what escalated the situation. Kitts resisted the officer and grappled with him between the bleachers. She shouted, “Let go of me! Get off of me, sir! What the f–k is wrong with you? You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

The officer proceeded to tase and arrest Kitts.

Skylar Steward shared the video and identified Kitts as his son’s mother. He called upon online users to stage a protest in Logan, saying, “She wasn’t hurting anybody.”

MCS Board Member Doug Mallett believed the situation “escalated” quickly. He said he also hopes the police will release the woman without charging her for resisting arrest.

“It escalated pretty fast into an ugly situation, he tased her pretty fast,” Mallet said. “I didn’t see where she was putting anybody at risk, I guess that’s a Logan rule. It depends on interpretation. It’s a state rule. But I thought there was some wiggle room if you have health issues. I tried to stay out of it until he got the taser out.”

In contrast, Marietta City Schools Superintendent Will Hampton criticized the woman for her actions. He urged other people in Marietta to follow the state’s mask mandate.

I am really disappointed, Hampton said. If you chose not to (wear a mask) then you threaten not only our ability to have sports but put your ability to watch as a spectator in jeopardy as well.”

The Logan Police Department confirmed the incident remains under investigation.

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