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Ohio Residence Has Massive Halloween Decoration as Big as Their House

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Angelo Merendino for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

We all know those neighbors that go above and beyond on the holidays. All the lights, all the blow-up yard decorations for Halloween. This neighbor decided to make their house look like a scene out of a Disney Halloween movie.

Seriously, this is just doing a lot, but we appreciate it. I’m sure the neighbors love the attraction, but nobody is ever going to beat this house. Alan Perkins has put together a masterpiece at his Ohio home. Check those pictures out here and see the display for yourself.

I’m just saying, if you have decorations like this, you better be giving out full-size candy bars on Halloween. Big expectations at the Perkins home. 40 days of work in the Olmsted Falls, Ohio neighborhood. Altogether, Perkins put about 150 to 200 hours of work into the project. That is true dedication to the season.

What Perkins did was turn his entire house into the Halloween display. It appears that a giant skeleton is bursting from the ground and through the house. With one giant arm gripping the roof over the front porch and another coming around the other side of the house. A skull appears to be halfway through the garage roof while windows are boarded up on the top floor. To top it off there are decorations throughout the yard including one of those big skeletons you can get for the yard.

The project looks amazing and has attracted a lot of attention. So, Perkins decided to turn it into a charity project as well. His home is now a place where you can donate to St. Jude via a program called Skeletons for St. Jude. There are 300 homes across 45 states participating in the program including Perkins.

Could Halloween Solar Flare Affect Power Grid?

This weekend is going to be spooky. Expect the usual scares and frights of the season and add a solar flare on Halloween on top of that. It appears that there is going to be a major solar flare coming from our solar system’s sun. There are chances that power grids will be affected internationally.

The pros are saying that the radiation from the phenomenon could cause the northern lights to appear as well. There isn’t any danger to people during this time of course. Solar flares are not rare things. The atmosphere helps to protect us from the most harmful effects of the flares. GPS tech could also be disrupted during this time.

While officials across the world prepare for the disruptions, star gazing enthusiasts and the like are excited. Right now, the flare is headed towards Earth and should be here within the next two days. Dr. Tamitha Skov said, “A direct hit for Halloween! The solar storm launched during the X-flare today is indeed Earth-directed.”