Oil and Gas Reps Send Message to President Biden: ‘We Would Love to Produce More’

by TK Sanders
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Oil and gas executives in the U.S. recently drilled President Biden for turning their industry into the “enemy” as the price of gasoline becomes more and more politicized daily. U.S. Oil & Gas Association President Tim Stewart and North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness said they’re working with trade groups to determine solutions. The oil and gas pair also said they sent President Biden a letter offering to help with concrete solutions.

At a glance

  • Gas prices are rising to record-highs and the current administration faces record-low approval; largely because of the uncertainty in the energy sector
  • Oil and gas officials penned a letter to President Biden urging him to reverse course on some of his policies which favor international buying over domestic drilling
  • If Wall Street gets involved, and money begins flowing into the industry again, the current energy crisis could alleviate significantly

“That was the purpose of our message to the administration last week is there’s common ground which we can meet on. But the first thing you have to do is stop treating the U.S. oil and gas industry as if it is an enemy to the American people,” Stewart said to Fox News.

The letter, which allegedly discussed the benefits of domestic oil production in versus international purchasing from countries like Venezuela or Saudi Arabia, was penned in concert with 10 trade associations.

“It’s very insulting to us that we look at Venezuela to increase oil production. The country of Venezuela today produces 800,000 barrels of oil a day. The state of North Dakota produces 1.1 million,” Ness said in the same interview. 

President Biden will not sacrifice climate initiatives to appease consumers desperate for oil and gas price reduction

Ness also stressed that America can increase domestic oil and gas production without sacrificing President Biden’s climate initiatives. An uptick in domestic drilling would both bolster our own economy; and directly help allies facing uncertainty during this Russian conflict in Ukraine.

Stewart openly wondered why the White House believes that Venezuelan oil is “better” than crude from North Dakota or Wyoming. He then said this line of thinking is a “false narrative” that the industry is “struggling” to change. He also said the White House could send a “clear message to Wall Street” that it’s okay to invest in domestic oil and gas production, which would reinvigorate the industry overnight.

“The reality is [that] President Biden and [his] allies in Congress did nothing to address this crisis as it was unfolding. We were warning them of that [crisis]; and in fact, they actually accelerated the crisis,” Stewart said. 

Ness pointed out the Biden could reverse his stance on energy policies easily and effectively. He also stated that energy is the “backbone” of the entire economy.

“This president could change the price of gas tomorrow if he would come to the podium and announce that his administration is changing direction. He’s directing his federal agencies to work with industry-approved permits or approved pipeline projects only. This is limiting our ability to grow.

“America’s oil and gas industry stands ready to help. But every day you wake up; and the federal government is going after you, targeting you, discouraging investment and discouraging workers,” Ness said.