O.J. Simpson Reveals Who He’s Cheering for in Super Bowl, Offers Thoughts on Game

by Halle Ames

O.J. Simpson took to social media to give some insight into how he thinks the Super Bowl will break down today between Buccaneers and the Chiefs.

Who is O.J. Simpson Rooting For?

Simpson posted a two-minute video to Twitter this afternoon to highlight who he is cheering for and why. Although O.J. Simpson has no ties to Kansas City, due to his allegiance to the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, he loves the AFC.

“Hey, Twitter world! It’s me, yours truly. Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all you guys. I think it’s pretty apparent who I’m cheering for, Kansas City. You know, I’m an old AFC guy, played nine years in Buffalo, so I always cheer for the AFC unless the 49ers are playing. A lot of individuals I’ve always cheered for, Brady, because he’s from the Bay area.”

Who is Simpson Betting Will Winning the Super Bowl?

Although O.J. Simpson is rooting for the Chiefs, that doesn’t mean he thinks they will win. In fact, he told his friend if they were to place bets, to bet on Tampa Bay.

“But today, I’m cheering for Kansas City, but when my buddies went down to the West Gate to make bets, I gave them a few shuckles, and I told them, “hey, put my money on Tampa Bay.” Sounds like one of these politicians, say one thing, and then I do something else.”

Although Kansas City squeaked by a win in Week 12 against the Buccaneers, it doesn’t mean they will do it again for today’s Super Bowl. O.J. Simpson credits Tampa’s incredible defense to Todd Bowles.

“But the point is, I saw that game in Week 12. I saw how Tampa came back in the second half. And I thought Todd Bowles did a hell of a job, the defensive coordinator for Tampa Bay, and I think that defense might be the difference today.”

In addition, the defending Super Bowl champions may not be as strong as they usually prove to be due to some vital players’ injuries.

“Plus, you got Mahomes with a turf toe. You’ve got him missing his left tackle, Pro-Bowler Eric Fisher. So, I think that’s kind of a handicap for him. While Brady might be the greatest, this guy is the latest, but this guy is going to have to be above and beyond for them to win that game today, even though they are favorites.”

Showing Love to Former Coach

O.J. Simpson also takes the time to give a shout out to his former coach for recently being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“Also, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate all of the recent inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame, especially Tom Flores. Tom was an offensive coach for us in Buffalo in my early days. We stunk, but he was a good guy, and he knew what he was doing.”

“The Juice” highlights some of the 83-year-olds impressive achievements. He also calls for Jim Plunkett to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Finally, O.J. ends the video with a message that isn’t about football at all, but the pandemic. He asks everyone to go out and get the vaccine.

“He went on to coach as an assistant in a Super Bowl win, and he was a head coach for two Super Bowl wins, and he was the first Hispanic quarterback in the NFL. Matter of fact, those two Super Bowls he won as a coach, he had a Hispanic quarterback, Jim Plunkett- won two Super Bowls. I wonder when they are going to get him in the Hall of Fame? I’m just saying. Take care, and I hope your team wins today and get the shot!”

Although Kansas City is favored to win today’s game, the matchup between the young bull and the GOAT in a season that has been one for the record book won’t be one you will want to miss. The kickoff is at 5:30 CT sharp.