Oklahoma Theft Ring: Three Accused of Stealing Thousands of Amazon Packages

by Liz Holland

Police have charged three people with stealing thousands of Amazon packages as part of an Oklahoma “theft ring”. The accusation comes due to authorities finding hundreds of dumped packages 30 miles outside of Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office shared in a press release that the  three arrested individuals face 15 counts of felony possession of stolen property and embezzlement. It’s likely that there will be additional charges, according to authorities.

The group allegedly stole thousands of packages. Nearly 600 of those packages were set to be delivered to their intended recipients by Christmas. However, witnesses later found those packages at a dumpsite on New Year’s Eve.

Two of the accused thieves are contract drivers for popular delivery service, Amazon. The truck that one of these two individuals used belonged to the third accused party. According to the sheriff’s office, the third person is also facing charges for possession of methamphetamines. Investigators were able to trace the stolen packages back to the three accused thieves after finding a garbage bag at the dump site. Authorities say inside the trash bag there was an address and receipt from a local store. 

Copious Amounts Of Packages Discovered In Oklahoma Home

A few miles from the site where the hundreds of packages were, authorities found thousands of undelivered packages inside of a home. Some of the packages still sat covered on pallets. The press release states, “Packages were stored throughout the home in almost every room and filled the storm shelter.”

The sheriff’s office shared that they returned the discovered packages to Amazon. The organization plans to re-deliver the packages. Also according to the sheriff’s office, tracking information shows that the packages left an Amazon location. But they never made it to U.S. Postal service facility for delivery. 

A post made by the sheriff’s office on Facebook offers a bit more insight. “Someone had removed the items they wanted and discarded the rest,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook. “(Apparently the thief isn’t much of a reader…the books that were being delivered were left behind). If you’re missing a package, please don’t call us. We are working with the USPS and have reached out to Amazon, so someone should contact you soon.”

Several Facebook users chimed in to say that they believe their missing holiday gifts must be amongst the stolen cargo. 

Not the First Case Of Its Kind

A spokeswoman for Amazon thanked the Sheriff’s department and asked customers to report their delays to the company in a statement made on Wednesday. 

In November, someone made a similar discovery in Alabama. FedEx fired a contract driver the day after he allegedly dumped 400 or so packages in a ditch. Also, police arrested the driver on December 10th on suspicion of cargo theft.  The man apparently “was very sorrowful for what he had done and just admitted that he … was having some hard times in his life and just made poor choices,” according to the local Sheriff’s department.