One Dead After Climbers Fall 200 Feet onto Tree, Others Viewed and Rushed to Help

by Megan Molseed

Tragedy struck recently as rescuers were called to a popular Colorado climbing rock after two climbers plunged two hundred feet into a tree during a recent hike.

According to a Sheriff’s report on the incident, the two climbers who fell in the accident had just started a journey atop a popular Colorado climbing rock known as Wind Tower when the fall occurred.

Bystanders reported that the climbers had been seen starting to climb an area on the Wind Tower known as the “third pitch.”

A Dangerous Trail For Wind Tower Climbers

According to local officials, this part of the Eldorado Canyon State Park Wind Tower rock is the most dangerous part of Wind Tower’s popular hiking and climbing trails.

According to reports, the climbers were at a location that was about 200 feet in elevation at the time of the fall. Bystanders say they witnessed the climbers as they tumbled into the trees below. The fall killed one climber and injured the other.

The bystanders were climbing different routes on the popular Wind Tower rock when the fall occurred. They then rushed to help the two men after witnessing the tragic event.

The bystanders quickly called for help; while doing what they could to aid the climbers as they waited.

The helpful bystanders were also able to ready a rope they had with them; in order to help officials get down to help the men quicker.

According to a sheriff’s office report, the two climbers were starting the journey on an area of the popular Wind Tower climbing rock that is described as the “third pitch.”

Some Difficult Trail Options Can Lead to Tragedy

The first two phases of the Wind Tower climbing rock are some of the area’s most frequently climbed routes. They are known to offer climbers a variety of routes with lower degrees of difficulty.

The “third pitch” however, is a lot more difficult for the Wind Tower climbers. In addition to some more complicated trails, there is often a lot of loose rock. Both of which could be dangerous for climbers who do not know the area well.

One of the climbers, a man in his thirties, was pronounced dead when rescuers arrived.

The second man, who is said to be in his twenties, survived the fall; however, he sustained serious injuries and was flown to a Denver area trauma center.

The incident is being investigated, however, officials say that no foul play is suspected in the tragic death.

Both men had what they deem to be standard climbing equipment at the time of the accident, officials say.