Ontario Police Move to Enforce Court Ordered End to Border Bridge Blockade

by Matthew Memrick

After a court order Friday night, Ontario Police made an early-morning wake-up call to break the border bridge blockade.

Anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy truckers had to pack up their barbecues and tents after police started breaking up the 6-day protest.

The law enforcement officials started after 8 a.m. to clear the Ambassador Bridge from protestors.

“The Windsor Police & its policing partners have commenced enforcement at and near the Ambassador Bridge. We urge all demonstrators to act lawfully & peacefully. Commuters are still being asked to avoid the areas affected by the demonstrations at this time,” the department posted on Twitter.

According to the New York Post, the police efforts involved snipers. The Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police moved to support a judge’s order and state of emergency measures enacted earlier.

Protestors Scurried Away As Police Moved In

Canada’s Global News reported that many Ontario protestors left without any trouble. While CBC News said one hardcore group stayed to “hold the line,” others packed up their stuff and moved out as police moved in.

Reportedly, the bridge blockade prevented about $700,000 in goods from crossing the border. Carmakers like Ford and General Motors had to shut down production. Others shortages in supply chain goods hit Canada as well.

Before police moved in, Ontario protestors woke up, determined to keep up their fight against vaccine mandates. They worked hard at strategies to keep the demonstration going

Would Police Effort Move to Ottawa?

Protests in the Canadian capital city Ottawa still raged on Saturday. While police action was unknown, demonstrators still held up signs during the weeks-old protest. Those signs came from anti-vax protestors and city residents tired of being “held hostage” by the trucks.

Ottawa Police planned for another large demonstration with 1,000 trucks and vehicles with 5,000 demonstrators. Officials expected counter Freedom Convoy protests from community groups and labor leaders, too.

Toronto Police put up roadblocks around the city to prepare for demonstrations there, anticipating the third weekend of protests.

The Toronto City News reported on the possible protest, though it was unclear if it would happen. Last weekend, around 2,000 demonstrators attended a Feb. 5 protest in the city.

Global Freedom Convoy Protestors Still Going

Countries like New Zealand are still feeling the effects of the far-reaching Canadian Freedom Convoy protests.

New Zealand Herald reported on demonstrations outside Parliament with blocked roads. French police shot tear gas canisters in Paris at a “Freedom Convoy” on the Champs Elysees avenue Saturday. Reportedly, a group reached the capital for protests there.

Cars with Freedom Convoy protestors broke through police checkpoints and managed to cause traffic issues around the Arc de Triomphe monument. Outside of Paris, police kept about 500 vehicles from entering the capital city to protest. They also handed out 200 tickets.

French officials announced that around 7,000 officers worked the weekend protests.