‘What Is This, a Brewery for Ants?’ Oregon’s Hop Valley Brewing Creates Ant-Sized Brewery for 20th-Anniversary of ‘Zoolander’

by John Jamison
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

“Zoolander” turns 20 years old today. The classic Ben Stiller-led comedy gave the world plenty of unforgettable moments. But none compare to the iconic “center for ants” line Stiller delivers as Derek Zoolander.

Oregon’s Hop Valley Brewing wasn’t about to let the anniversary come and go without commemorating it in some way. In honor of the movie, they’re giving away a mini-fridge complete with a fully functional ant farm replica of their brewery.

We know what you’re thinking. The brewery needs to be “at least 3 times bigger than this.” And maybe it would be if Hop Valley decided to make a working miniature of their facilities. For now, though, the replica only functions as an ant farm. It’s a brewery for ants at the end of the day. So the size is appropriate.

Of course, we’re aware that some of you have no idea what this is all about. So we’ve included the “Zoolander” moment below for your viewing pleasure.

The replica of Hop Valley Brewing comes perched atop a branded mini-fridge, perfect for all of your beer-chilling needs. When it comes to the brewery for ants, however, Hop Valley spared no expense.

“Here at Hop Valley we’re a brewery for everyone… even ants. So the ant farm brings to life our favorite pieces of the human-sized brewery but slightly smaller, like stools in the taproom, CryoHops freezing in the back, tiny beer tanks, tie dye couch and more,” Hop Valley Brewing told The Takeout via press release.

They went all out with the details. The replica brewery reportedly includes an entire restaurant, recreational spaces, and a mini-forklift. Let’s hope the ants are certified.

Enter For a Chance to Win This One of A Kind Brewery For Ants

Hop Valley Brewing is giving everyone a chance to take this brewery for ants home. Between now and October 1, folks can text ANTS to 90464 to fill out a submission form. The competition is free to enter and only requires basic information. Even if you have no interest in “Zoolander” whatsoever, you can never go wrong with an extra mini-fridge full of beer.

And if the “Zoolander” connection alone hasn’t convinced some of you beer lovers, there’s more. Not only will you win a mini-fridge complete with the Hop Valley brewery for ants, but there are also $5,000 on the line. According to the contest rules provided by Hop Valley, the $5,000 is for travel expenses. Fortunately, the real brewery has more than enough room for you and your ants.

Oh, and as part of their “Zoolander” 20th-anniversary celebration, Hop Valley has also released a limited edition beer offering called the Orange Mocha Stashaccino. That one may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it goes with the theme.