Oreo Makes Special Pack of Cookies to Offer Aliens

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Oreo may market themselves as America’s favorite cookie, but what about those farther away… like really far away. Planets away. We have you covered. 

The (kinda) confirmation of aliens in 2020 from the United States government didn’t get nearly the hype it probably should have, but these Oreo cookies are. Don’t worry. With these in hand, aliens will surely come in peace. Right? RIGHT?!

Oreo has come out with a special limited edition pack of double stuffed cookies for fans to stock up on… you know, in case of an emergency alien encounter. Or for your own shameless eating. 

This is a judgment-free zone. 

‘Bringing All Lifeforms Together’

According to Delish, the packaging on the exclusive Oreo box includes a black background and an intricate blue design with the purpose of placing a cookie onto the middle of the pattern as an offer to the aliens. The bag itself even reads: “Bringing all lifeforms together. Not for sale. Totally for sharing.” 

At the top of the packaging, it clearly states, “Place Oreo cookie in center of pack within clear view of the sky to create you own #oreooffering.” 

Many people on social media are going nuts over the new design. 

But the marketing didn’t just stop with a tiny little package. Oreo signaled the message for extraterrestrials in a way they understand, crop circles. Or, in this case, crop cookies. 

Yep, if you are driving through Kansas, feel free to stop and check out the massive 3-acre wide Oreo decorations etched into a wheat field. If this doesn’t scream, “We come in peace, please don’t wipe out the human race,” I don’t know what does? 

However, you are going to have to be on the lookout if you are going to get your desperate little hands on a box of the alien Oreos. The food site notes that the limited-edition packaged sold out in only three hours. 

We Come Bearing Oreos

In a statement, Oreo’s Senior Brand Manager, Olympia Portale, said they are extending a welcome on behalf of Earth. 

“For over 109 years, OREO has brought people on earth together by inspiring moments of connection,” said Portale. “Now, the brand is extending its playful personality across the universe to enable all possible life forms to come together over an OREO cookie.”

As for me, I hope any alien kindly keeps to themselves but understands we are friends… Take the Oreos, but please leave us be on Earth. I’m more of a donut person anyway.