Oscar Meyer Announces ‘Bacon-Scented’ Shoelaces, Is Giving Away Free Pairs

by Evan Reier

Well, if you were looking for any additional smells to your feet than what you already ingest, Oscar Meyer has you covered.

The famous food brand Oscar Meyer is making bacon-scented shoelaces and it’s all thanks to Nike. Wait, what?

No, it is in fact true. Oscar Meyer and Nike collaborated on a pair of custom Air Maxes called “Air Max Bacons” in the past, and are now providing shoelaces to match.

The caption for the announcement reads:

“Happy #AirMaxDay. To celebrate the re-release of the Air Max Bacons, we’re dropping bacon scented laces that’ll make your kicks sizzle. Tweet #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes for the chance to cop ’em. Rules: http://bit.ly/3tzJRDC

The tweet not only features what the Air Max Bacons look like, but also what the shoelaces look like. While the colors of both products don’t offend us, we can imagine that the smell might.

It’s an obviously weird combo. On the one hand, it’s hard not to love bacon, or at least the smell of it. On the other hand, is that really what you want to compliment the potential smell of feet?

It seems like it will all depend on exactly how pungent the smell of the shoelaces are.

How to Get Oscar Meyer Shoelaces for Free

If it wasn’t clear already, these shoelaces aren’t really up for sale, at least not yet. Instead, the company will be giving them out to 1500 fans who take the steps to be eligible.

For starters, you have to be at least 18. From there, it’s fairly simple. Tweet #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes and that should be all it takes. Simple enough, and as, uh, tantalizing as bacon-scented shoelaces sound, doing much more work than that seems excessive.

Oh, and make sure to make the Tweet before April 1.

In the meantime, Thrillist obtained a statement from associate director of Oscar Meyer Megan Lang. She explains a bit further on how this came to be.

“There are few things better than the delicious smell of freshly cooked Oscar Mayer bacon, but you shouldn’t have to turn on the stove to fill your nostrils with the heavenly scent,” Lang said. “We know bacon lovers can’t get enough of it, so we’ve created these bacon-scented laces to give fans the chance to carry their bacon love everywhere, whether they’re styling the hottest new sneakers or sizzling up an old pair of shoes.”

Truly, an innovative piece of work.