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Outdoor Travel Trends 2020: What to Know Before Renting, Buying an RV

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Damon on Road / Unsplash)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, travel this summer looks quite different than in years past. However, one travel trend gaining major popularity this year is RV camping.

Travel and auto expert, Mike Caudill, weighed in on why an estimated 46 million Americans are considering RV camping this summer on Good Morning Augusta. “If you think about the coronavirus pandemic, people are looking to remain socially distant,” he said. “But now that the weather is changing and things are getting warmer, people are looking to get away.”

Caudill explains that RV camping provides a great alternative to other vacations that may not be possible this summer. “In the past, [people have] gone to stay at hotels and they’ve gone on airlines and planes that fly across the country,” he said. “Well, in this case, we’ve done some research over the past month and we’re finding that people are looking for ways to get away in an RV.”

In addition to RV’s, sales and rentals on travel trailers are booming. “One of the big things consumers are looking for in the marketplace right now are travel trailers,” Caudill said. “Travel trailers are the big key because you can tow them with your SUV and not have to buy a new vehicle.”

Caudill explains that RV camping is a great option for parents with their kids. In addition to the excitement of traveling in an RV, most campgrounds have a ton of fun things for children to do. “What makes [camping] appealing for me is I have a 13-year-old and I’ve got a 10-year-old…You can stay distant but you can go fishing. You can get out and play in the water,” he said. “It’s great because you’re bringing everything from your home with you.”

What to Know Before Renting/Buying an RV

Before springing for an RV, there are several things to remember. “The first thing we tell people in the world of RV’ing is do your research,” Caudill said.

One misconception is that people may think RV’ing looks too difficult. “I think the biggest thing we want people to know about the RV industry is that it’s easy and it’s fun,” Caudill said. “So, you think about a big trailer and you think about a big motor home and that it’s daunting and it’s going to be hard. But the reality is, it’s incredibly easy. We just recommend people do their research before they get behind the wheel of an RV.”