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‘Ozark’ Season 4, Part Two Release Date Announced: Here’s When It Drops

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

“Ozark” Season 4: Part 2 is coming. It’s also coming perhaps a bit faster than you may have anticipated, folks. A new trailer was released Wednesday that revealed when the final episodes will be released to the fanbase. Well, on April 24, six days after the return of “Better Call Saul” the show concludes it all.

It will not be broken up into any more installments, as the final seven episodes will be released on that date. So, fans will not have to wait long to know how it all ends for the Byrdes and Ruth Langmore on “Ozark”.

The Trailer Suggests What?

The released trailer is all about Ruth Langmore. Her time in the Ozarks has been littered with tragedy. Everywhere. The last two seasons have been especially brutal for Ruth. In season 3, she lost her boyfriend Ben Davis. The following season she lost her closest cousin who was like a brother to her. Loss and despair has followed Ruth all around the land of the Ozarks. “My childhood trauma is not like yours,” Ruth says in the trailer. It’s all coming to an end and she is going to bring the whole world down with her as you can see in the trailer with her cash and artillery on display.

How does this involve the Byrdes, though? It’s one thing for Ruth to go on her own against Javi and the drug cartel. But she also brought their son Jonah into her mess of a situation. Will we see Jonah get involved with Ruth and help her to go after Javi and the cartel once and for all? This is one of the biggest looming questions of the finale. How does it all end for the Byrdes? Will Wendy help Ruth Langmore after the progression of her character in recent seasons?

Ruth vs. Wendy

Wendy has become one of the most terrifying figures on the program. Now, with that situation becoming what it has with Ruth and with her son Jonah what will be her final moves in the program? While it all started with Marty and his decisions, it has been Wendy over the course of the show that has become the leader of things. Her political power has only grown in recent seasons and when she sacrificed her own brother, she showed that she has made a big-time pivot as a character.

Jonah of “Ozark” figures to be in grave danger, along with Ruth as the series comes to a close. His work with Ruth and giving of Javi’s name figures to loom large. He is not on the same page as his mother in the least bit and it’s fair to wonder how much that will factor into the final seven episodes. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.