Pabst Blue Ribbon Apologizes for Controversial Dry January Tweet

by Madison Miller

It seems like a member of the Pabst Blue Ribbon social media team had a little too much fun on Twitter recently. Since then, the popular beer brand had to try to reverse these actions with some good public relations, instead.

PBR tweeted on Monday, “Not drinking this January? Try eating ass!” 

Pabst Blue Ribbon Controversial Tweet

Not long after it was tweeted, the company reportedly deleted the post. In addition to the original tweet, whoever posted the message was also responding to people. The replies were things like “ask your mom.”

One customer specifically asked, “PBR or ass? What’s the difference?” and got that response bringing their mom into it. Another person commented on who they thought could have been behind this whole thing. “Pabst Blue Ribbon has an aggressive, new social media campaign for the new year. Or a disgruntled employee who still has their password.”

Although some people found the entire Twitter interaction to be shocking, yet a bit entertaining, leadership in the company did not feel that way at all.

Nick Reely, the vice president of marketing at PBR, released a statement to Adweek. He stated that this tweet was from one person and that the company is proceeding to handle the issue internally.

“We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets. The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates. In no way does the content of these tweets reflect the values of Pabst and our associates. We’re handling the matter internally and have removed the tweets from our social platforms,” Reely stated.

Now, Pabst Blue Ribbon will have to build back their repertoire on Twitter. So far, the company has only tweeted once since this incident and they seem to be taking things slow. The tweet simply said, “Beer.”

People have a screenshot of that old tweet and are continuing to use it in the comments of new tweets, however.

Bad Beer, Good Message

Back in April, New Belgium Brewing decided to purposefully release something that would taste not-so-good.

The company did so with a purpose, however. The company released this new beer, called “Torched Earth Ale,” in order to illustrate how climate change would continue to affect the beer industry in the long run. This Colorado brewery used very low-quality ingredients instead of its normal ingredients. These are the ingredients beer companies may have to use in the future.

According to ABC 7, one of the main ingredients of beer got taken out. Instead of delicious fresh hops, New Belgium used hop extracts as well as dandelions for the beer concoction.

The point is clear. Climate change will continue to impact many different aspects of life and business, even the beer industry.

For New Belgium Brewing, they are already taking the steps to try to save beer — and the Earth. The company’s most popular beer, Fat Tire, is actually the first certified carbon neutral beer.