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Patricia Loud, Star of PBS’ ‘An American Family,’ Dead at 94

by Madison Miller
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Patricia Loud, who was the matriarch of the PBS show “An American Family,” passed away at 94 in her sleep from natural causes on Sunday.

In a Facebook post, her family shared the news with her fans.

Patricia Loud Passes Away

“With inconsolable sorrow, we are sad to share the news with friends and family that on Sunday January 10 at 1:55pm PT, Pat Loud passed away peacefully in her sleep of natural causes. She was snuggled up safe in her comfy home, attended by loving children Michele, Delilah, Kevin and Grant,” part of the post read.

Patricia Loud was married to Bill Loud. The pair had five children, Alanson, Kevin, Grant, Delilah, and Michele. They were divorced and separated, as the show demonstrated to viewers. Bill Loud was in a rock band and was a reportedly unfaithful in their marriage.

After the show, she moved to New York to work in the publishing industry. She returned to their home in L.A. after Lance was diagnosed with HIV and eventually died in 2001. She and Bill moved in together briefly as his final last wishes. Bill ended up passing away in 2018.

Her family, her four remaining kids, describe her as loving and full of character.

“Pat Loud was a fierce, inflexible, forthright matriarch and loyal champion of outsiders and iconoclasts. Her door was never locked and there was always room at her table. Never one for regrets or reflection, she moved forward in life with enthusiasm and courage.”

With inconsolable sorrow, we are sad to share the news with friends and family that on Sunday January 10 at 1:55pm PT,…

Posted by The Loud Family on Sunday, January 10, 2021

‘An American Family’

“An American Family” is one of the first reality television shows. Before Kim Kardashian, there was Pat Loud showcasing the very real and relatable trials and tribulations of family.

The 1970s show is also known for having one of the first openly gay representations in the media when Lance came out on the show. Loud adored her son in every single aspect. She wrote about this in her book, “Pat Loud: A Woman’s Story.”

On the show, in life in general, she was sharp, witty, and loving. Fans watched her drink and scheme and laugh. Unlike other reality television depictions, you couldn’t get more real than Patricia Loud.

At the time, she received a lot of criticism for the show. Critics unleashed on her for exposing her kids to so much drama and cameras at a young age. She always talked about divorce and was desperate to get away from Bill. Now, however, fans and critics compare her to other reality stars and praise her for her realness and her strength.

Later on two more specials came out called “American Family Revisited” and “Lance Loud! A Death in an American Family.”

In 2011, HBO broadcast “An American Family,” which was a fictional portrayal of the show’s creation with Diane Lane as the leading lady. She went on to earn a Golden Globe for the role.

Her family is asking for donations to The Rescue Train instead of flowers or other gifts.

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