Peeps Flavored Beer Hits Store Shelves in New Jersey

by Clayton Edwards

About this time every year, a debate rages across the country. It is a debate that can separate families, divide friend groups, and end in heated screaming matches. At the center of this great divide is one burning question. Are Peeps a delicious holiday treat or a foul abomination placed on this Earth to punish mankind for our sins both past and present? A New Jersey-based brewery is throwing its hat in the ring on this question. They’ve developed a Peeps flavored beer.

It seems like the brewery is attempting to bridge the gap. Just about everyone can agree that beer is good. Even if they don’t care for the marshmallow treats. However, if you want to get your hands on some of the Peeps flavored beer, you’re going to have to get to New Jersey before supplies run out.

Details About the Peeps Flavored Beer

The holiday brew is called Get Peep’d and was released by Brix City Brewery. The producer of the Peeps flavored beer is based in Little Ferry, New Jersey, according to The Philly Voice. The new brew isn’t just any beer, It’s a triple IPA. This means that it’s brewed with wheat then triple hopped. Then, it is infused with sweet marshmallow cream to replicate the flavor of the Easter treats.

The Peeps flavored beer launched earlier this week and will only be available while supplies last. Brix City Brewery only did a short run of the holiday-themed brew. There is no word on if it will become a yearly release like the candy that inspired it.

However, it is evident that the folks at Brix City Brewery is excited about the release of their new brew. They posted on their Instagram about it early last week.

The post says that the new brew is “sweet, sticky, and juicy,” just like the candy that inspired the flavor. The brewery’s brand manager, James Foley said that the Peeps flavored beer came about because they wanted to find “something fun to do” to celebrate Easter. So, they took inspiration from their childhoods to make a sweet and hoppy brew.

This isn’t Brix City’s first marshmallow-flavored beer. They have a double IPA called Get Puff which has notes of marshmallow cream. However, the Peeps flavored beer has even more marshmallow flavor and is a triple IPA. So, the holiday brew has more hops and a sweeter flavor. Unfortunately, you have to be in New Jersey to enjoy the new, strange brew.