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Pennsylvania Mine Collapses Killing Trapped Miner: Report

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Getty Images)

A mine collapse in Fayette County, Pennsylvania on Friday, January 7, has left one person dead. 8 hours after the collapse, crews were able to free the trapped miner. Officials pronounced the individual dead at the scene. The identity of the deceased has not been made public.

Subsequently, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection released a statement, saying that the roof of the mine collapsed onto the miner’s equipment, trapping them. The collapse occurred at Laurel Aggregates’ Lynn Lake mine in Springhill Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. The mine consisted of a limestone and sandstone quarry, with an additional underground area.

Additionally, the American Red Cross of Greater Pennsylvania arrived at the scene to provide mental health services. The Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Mine Safety and the Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration were both at the scene as well.

The mine collapsed around 3 pm on Friday, and crews extricated the individual from the mine around 11 pm.

6 Killed During Tornado at Amazon Warehouse in December

Disaster struck an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois on December 10, 2021; an EF-3 tornado formed in the parking lot of the warehouse. According to Edwardsville Fire Chief James Whiteford, 150 yards of the building came down in the tornado. Employees sheltered in the bathrooms. 45 people made it out of the building safe, but 6 tragically died in the disaster.

Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel, according to the New York Times, claims the storm formed in the parking lot. Over the course of 11 minutes, it hit the warehouse, and then dissipated.

Additionally, Amazon delivery driver Alonzo Harris told the New York Times, “I felt like the floor was coming off the ground. I felt the wind blowing and saw debris flying everywhere, and people started screaming and hollering and the lights went out.”

Tornadoes tore across Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more central states over the weekend of December 10th, killing hundreds through a span of over 200 miles. In Kentucky alone, the tornadoes killed 70 people. In Tennessee, 3 people, as well as 2 in Arkansas.

Of the storm in Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear made a statement. He said, “This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history. The level of devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen.”

As for the Amazon tornado, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union criticized Amazon for having employees work through a tornado warning, according to CNN. “This is another outrageous example of the company putting profits over the health and safety of their workers, and we cannot stand for this […] Our union will not back down until Amazon is held accountable for these and so many more dangerous labor practices,” said President of the RWDSU Stuart Appelbaum.