Pennsylvania Rationing Sales of Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy and More Due to Supply Chain Issues

by Matthew Memrick

Blame supply chain issues this weekend when Pennsylvania liquor officials limit sales of popular hard liquor brands like Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy.

With worldwide shortages going on, maybe it’s time to make a switch? Variety could be the spice of life, or so they say.

Some Keystone state drinkers will probably notice a two-bottle purchase limit at the ABC store, bar, or restaurant. This rationing will be for 42 products.

Many Pennsylvania business owners have known or were told about this rationing this week. We’ll soon find out their preparations.

Rationing For Awhile

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is rationing many popular wines, beer, and spirits indefinitely.

No, it’s not prohibition all over again. Just demand overtaking supply. And it’s only certain bottles of Hennessy, Jack Daniel’s, Don Julio, and Patrón Tequila Silver.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, that’s only 2 percent of the state’s total liquor drinks. To see the rationed sips, click on the newspaper link above.

“These bottle limits are preventative measures to fairly distribute product and minimize out-of-stock situations, which will vary by location,” the PLCB said in a statement.

According to Fox 5, many hope the state’s legislature will return from summer vacation and “take up action to help these businesses.”

Shortages Everywhere

It’s not just Pennsylvania, folks.

Worldwide shortages have caught up in products like computer chips, furniture, lumber, and chicken. According to Yahoo! News, supply chains have not found ways to adapt to COVID-19 shutdowns, labor shortages and, you guessed it, the weather.

Kentucky distillery owner Brown-Forman, who owns Tennessee brand Jack Daniel’s, took in less profit this last quarter compared to the previous quarter over the disruptions.  

Brown-Forman, the maker of Jack Daniel’s, reported lower profits this fiscal quarter than the last due to supply chain disruptions.

“While we are optimistic the operating environment will continue to improve, we are closely monitoring the potential volatility associated with the evolving pandemic and continued supply chain disruptions,” Brown-Forman president and CEO Lawson Whiting said in a release.

Who’s Will This Hurt?

The Philadelphia Inquirer said it’s not about the liquor stores. Expect issues with the restaurants and weddings. Or if the Phillies win the World Series (because the Braves collapse could happen) and need alcohol to spray in the locker room. 

Some Pennsylvania owners have gone into panic mode over the last year. Rationing could help many throughout the state.

“Some places are over-ordering bottles, which leaves us with none to purchase,” Philadelphia bar owner Teddy Sourias told the Inquirer, adding that the rationing may be a blessing: “I’d rather have a chance to buy some rather than none.”

In Pennsylvania this weekend, both NFL teams have home battles. Hopefully, tailgaters have also prepared for the crisis. 

Other states, like North Carolina, have felt the pinch on alcohol during the lingering pandemic.