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Pennsylvania Truck Drivers Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Diesel From Wawa

by Shelby Scott
Truck Driver Fills Tanker at Utah Gas Station
(Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Regular gas prices have very slowly begun to drop back down near pre-inflation costs. However, the price of diesel, especially in northern states like Pennsylvania, remains skyhigh. That being the fact, police officers in Hilltown Township, PA are on the search for two separate truck drivers who, in combination, stole several thousand dollars worth of diesel fuel.

According to Fox News, a truck driver in a large white flatbed semi and a second driver in a white Ford F-150 were spotted at a Route 131 Wawa in Hilltown Township on the morning of January 11th where they both bypassed the pumps’ pay systems and stole hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel. Altogether, the news outlet reports the financial loss amounts to more than $3,000. In total, the pair of truck drivers thefted 603 gallons of fuel.

The driver of the flatbed semi truck was the first to bypass the pumps’ systems. The vehicle arrived on January 11th around 7:45 a.m. where they were caught on camera illegally accessing the control unit. An hour and a half later, the driver of the white pickup truck did the same thing.

Following the theft, officials state the drivers of the two trucks both possessed aftermarket fuel tanks. These allowed the individuals seen on camera to obtain excess amounts of diesel fuel. Given the proximity in which the thefts occurred, officials also believe the two truck drivers were working in tandem.

Man Steals John Deere Tractor, Leads Cops in Slow-Speed Chase

We’re in no way promoting theivery here. But, if you’re going to steal, you may as well do it in the most original way possible. For now, PA authorities continue their search for the two truck drivers responsible for stealing thousands of dollars in diesel fuel. Meanwhile, another man recently hopped aboard and stole a large John Deere tractor before leading cops into an epic slow-speed chase. And, fortunately for us, the entire scene was caught on video.

The footage is relatively chaotic. It begins with the man on the tractor driving down the middle of a heavily occupied roadway. Private and commercial vehicles attempt to move out of the man’s way as a handful of police vehicles drive behind the tractor with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Without context, the video is pretty hysterical. However, police reports from Boone, North Carolina, where the ridiculous chase was recorded, reveals things could have easily taken a wrong turn.

“We received a call about the tractor being driven erratically in a parking lot trying to hit pedestrians and did in fact hit a vehicle off 421 on the east side of town,” local authorities wrote in a social media post. “He actually hit several vehicles, a dumpster, and a church. We are still trying to sort it all out.”

Even more baffling, authorities said later the man on the tractor is someone they are “very familiar with.” They finally stopped the delinquent tractor thief by shooting out one of its tires.