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Pentagon Reportedly Starting New UFO Investigation Unit

by Clayton Edwards
(Image Credit: Aaron Foster via Getty Images)

UFOs captured the curiosity of Americans in the 1940s. First, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw multiple objects flying over water. Then, the infamous “Roswell Incident” happened and pushed the idea of alien life into the mainstream. Since then, there have been countless UFO sightings across the country. However, those who reported sightings were generally regarded as loons or hoaxers. That’s not so much the case anymore. Earlier this week, the Pentagon launched a new UFO investigation unit.

The new UFO investigation unit is called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). The new unit will replace the UAP Task Force the Department of Defense started in August of 2020, according to The New York Post.

With this new group, the Department of Defense will narrow its scope of UFO investigation. It will focus on UFO sightings in restricted airspace. The decision to create the new group with a narrower focus comes after the US intelligence community verified several UFO sightings that they could not explain.

The Post reported that the Department of Defense released a statement about the new UFO investigation unit. It said, in part, that the DOD takes any trespass into restricted airspace seriously whether it is explainable or not. This is because “Incursions by any airborne object into our [Special Use Airspaces] pose safety of flight and operations security concerns, and may post national security challenges.”

The DOD is upping its game when it comes to the investigation of UFO sightings. However, they’re not coming out and saying that aliens are buzzing our restricted airspaces. But, the report did state that the government needs to improve training, technology, and policies surrounding the investigation of unexplained crafts.

The Investigation of UFO Sightings Goes Back Decades

The US government launched the UAP Task Force in August of 2020. Many Americans believed that this was the intelligence community’s first foray into UFO investigation. However, that is not the case.

First, there was Project Sign, a short-lived program centered around UFO investigation. Much like the current unit, Sign’s goal was to study sightings and determine if they were a threat to national security. This project lasted for most of 1948, according to Britannica.

US government UFO investigation didn’t stop there, though. In 1949, they instituted Project Grudge. This unit hoped to disprove UFO claims to calm the American public’s anxiety over UFOs and what they could mean for the country and the world at large. It ended in 1951 and was replaced by the best-known UFO study initiative, Project Blue Book.

The final project ran from 1952 to 1969. Much like Sign, Blue Book focused on determining what, if any, threat UFOs posed to US national security.

They’ve been watching the skies for years, they’re just more open about it today.