People Are Booking Airbnbs to Raise Money and Support for Ukraine

by Joe Rutland

People are Airbnb booking Ukraine visits in Kyiv as a way to support those country’s hosts in the war-torn land. What they are doing is actually a way to raise money as well as support for Ukraine. It’s a very interesting and powerful way for people to use their own money toward helping those hosts who are suffering. We get a little more information about this NPR.

At A Glance

  • People have been using Airbnb as a way to help hosts in Ukraine.
  • When making reservations from other cities, hosts are told that no one will be keeping the dates.
  • In just two days of this happening, nearly $2 million has been grossed in the efforts.
  • Salt Lake City woman connects with fellow Airbnb host in Kyiv and helps.

Airbnb Booking Ukraine Rooms Helps Out Hosts In Country

Take the case of Sarah Brown. She lives in Salt Lake City and found a way to help out through a Facebook group for Airbnb hosts. What did she do? Book a stay in Kyiv. She has no intention of going but the idea has spurred on others to pitch in and do the same thing. Brown happened to book an apartment with Airbnb host Ekaterina Martiusheva is the host of the first apartment Brown booked in Ukraine.

Martiusheva spoke with NPR from Ukraine. The Airbnb host did say that the bookings do mean a lot.

“These days we do not have any income,” Martiusheva said. “We do not have any right to ask our country to help us, because all the country’s resources are for the war and for the victory.”

Hosts In Ukraine Will Get Paid 24 Hours After Guet Checks In

Airbnb booking Ukrainian places leads hosts to get paid 24 hours after a guest checks in. People in places like Salt Lake City are booking stays. They let hosts know that it’s a gesture of solidarity. Additionally, they do not plan to appear.

Where did this idea start? It’s been just in the past few days. Airbnb has been waiving host and guest fees in Ukraine for now. Guess what happened? On Wednesday and Thursday, more than 61,000 nights were booked in Ukraine from around the world. Airbnb tells NPR that bookings grossed nearly $2 million.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis Now Biggest In Europe Since World War II

Meanwhile, there is a major refugee crisis taking place in Ukraine. See, it is the biggest once for Europe since World War II. This is according to a story from the Wall Street Journal.

So, more than 1.45 million people have left Ukraine since Russia invaded the country nine days ago. The International Organization for Migration made the announcement on Saturday.