People Are Really Upset Over This Hunter’s Wedding Cake: Photo

by Halle Ames
People-Really-Upset-Over-This-hunter's-Wedding-Cake: Photo
(Photo Credit: Image Source/ Getty Image)

How far is too far when it comes to themed wedding cakes? This couple is seeing major backlash after a post on Reddit of a hunting-themed groom’s cake is trending on the site.

The cake has an assortment of deer, edible leaves and shotgun shells, camouflage, and a bride carrying a gun while dragging her husband away. The words “The Hunt is Over” are decorating the side in black and white.

The photo of the unique dessert was posted on Reddit under the subreddit “Wedding Shaming”.

As of Monday, the post had already received more than 3,700 upvotes and 209 comments.

Groom Takes the Cake

Most of the viewers of the post mistook the photo for the couple’s actual wedding cake. However, this is not the case. Groom cakes are meant to be themed around the groom’s interests. This groom seems to have a love for hunting or the outdoors.

Grace Tari, the bakery owner where the dessert was made, Graceful Cake Creations, issued a statement explaining, “A groom’s cake typically depicts a hobby or sport the groom is interested in. The groom is a hunter hence the theme for the cake, and the bride has caught her man, so she is no longer looking for a husband. Just a fun play on words.” Tari goes on to say that this theme is very popular for grooms cakes she makes.

Reddit Reactions

Reddit users were not enjoying the humor with one writing “Immediately no. Immediately no.” and another saying, “a trashy idea, but well-executed. Can’t say it’s a graceful wedding cake though.”

Another user gave constructive criticism on the morbid cake, saying, “this could be funny if Cupid had a compound bow and both bride and groom were struck by Arrows of Love or somesuch, but this ‘bride murdered groom’ thing is over the top gross.”

Others found the meaning to be confusing, saying, “Oh man. I took this cake as more of … he was out hunting and she was dragging him out of the woods to their wedding. Like a ‘Haha, you’re married now so no hobbies or fun anymore. Bride murders groom’ is even worse. What is wrong with people.”

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