Pepsi, Boston Beer Team Up to Create Alcoholic Mountain Dew

by Jon D. B.

Gear up, Dew fans! PepsiCo and Sam Adams’ Boston Beer are delivering the first official alcoholic Mountain Dew drinks: Hard MTN DEW.

Ask, and ye shall receive. Or don’t ask, and you’ll receive anyway. Whichever camp you fall into, the time is upon us. Boston Beer is developing and producing Hard MTN DEW – the world’s first official alcoholic beverage based on the immensely popular citrus soda.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo is creating a new branch to solely to market, sell, and deliver the liquored-up Dews. So when can we expect this hardest of hard sodas to hit shelves? CNBC says early 2022.

In addition to the above, early imaging for the drinks tells us that unlike actual Mountain Dew, these drinks will contain zero sugar. What’s more, we’re looking at not one – but three flavors: Traditional Dew, Black Cherry, and Watermelon.

These Hard Mountain Dews will fall under the “flavored malt beverage category.” Each will also contain 5% alcohol by volume, so expect to go hard whilst drinking Hard.

Hard Mountain Dew Comes True

According to CNBC, the market has been watching for Pepsi to enter the alcohol game for near-on a year. Back in October of 2020, Pepsi CEO Ramon Laguarta told market analysts his company was considering venturing into the “alcohol game.”

This, of course, came right after Coca-Cola (the Hatfields to Pepsi’s McCoys) announced they would be creating Topo Chico Hard Seltzer. Topo Chico is the first alcoholic offering from Coca-Cola for the U.S. in over twenty years. Their rivaling partnership sits with Molson Coors Beverage. How will PepsiCo favor in tandem with Boston Beers on their side? Only time will tell.

Moreover, Pepsi would file an alcohol-minded trademark application in June of this year. Their intention? To sell Rockstar-branded beers and hard seltzers. It’s a bold move that follows their venture into the energy drink game, with Mountain Dew Rise Energy also releasing earlier in 2021.

None of this comes as a surprise to Mountain Dew fans. Pepsi has been pushing their immensely popular soda hard for years. From odd flavors and blockbuster movie tie-ins, to NASCAR and professional gaming sponsorship – the Dew is everywhere.

As far as real numbers go, Euromonitor places Mountain Dew at 7% holdings of market shares in carbonated soft drinks. CNBC cites. This places the brand in fifth overall worldwide.

And if this seems a bold move for PepsiCo, it’s an even bolder one for Boston Beer. The famed Sam Adams brewer took a huge hit this year when its Truly hard seltzer grossly underperformed. Their stock took a 26% tumble in a single day as a result.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to Boston Beer, however. In fact, the entire beer industry as a whole is struggling, the trade reiterates. Apparently, customers are moving away from beer (by 2.8% in volume) and into new fads like hard seltzers – or maybe, just maybe – Hard Mountain Dew.