Pepsi Debuts New Peeps Flavored Soda Pop For Easter

by Jon D. B.

Sound too good to be true, sweet-toothers? That’s because it is. For now. Pepsi and Peeps are collaborating on a new soda flavor for the former, “Pepsi x Peeps.” The pop (or Coke or soda or fizz, whatever you call it), however, will only be available as part of a special spring contest. At least at first. Here’s what we know:

Just in time for Peeps to hit stores for Easter, the two brands are concocting an extra-sweet soda that combines the “pillowy-soft and sweet” marshmallow of Peeps with Pepsi’s iconic taste. Toting it as the “ideal accessory and thirst quencher for springtime,” the two companies hope to garner acute excitement from fans of both.

To do this, “Pepsi is giving away 3,000 packages through its #HangingWithMyPEEPS contest. Each winner, which uses that hashtag and tags Pepsi on Instagram and Twitter showing their spring celebrations, will receive a package containing three 7.5-ounce mini-cans in bright yellow, pink and blue colors,” CNN reports Thursday.

According to Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, Todd Kaplan, the move comes in order to emulate the “drop culture” – which limits the release of special merchandise – to “excite fans of the two brands.”

The tactic, often utilized by top brands like McDonald’s and shoe companies, is a proven marketing ploy. Kaplan hopes to see Pepsi’s collaboration with Peeps strike a chord with fans. And if it does, “Pepsi x Peeps” will become available to the masses.

All in all, Pepsi is looking to provide a “moment of joy” as the COVID pandemic continues, Kaplan cites.

“These limited time offers is a way to engage our core fans and give them fun things to embrace,” he continues.

‘Pepsi x Peeps’ Marks a First-Time Collaboration

The flavor marks the first time Pepsi Company (PEP) has utilized marshmallow as a cola ingredient. The brand is, however, far from a stranger to off-the-wall and seasonal flavors. Each time a new flavor hits shelves, it’s to bolster excitement for the brand. And typically it works.

Just this past winter, Pepsi hit soda-drinkers with a hot chocolate and apple pie version of their classic. The holiday flavor flew mostly under the radar, however. As a result, Pepsi is looking to max consumer excitement with “Pepsi x Peeps.” To do so, they reached out directly to the Peeps brand for a first-time collaboration. Perhaps the combination of two household names will provide exceptional results.

“Taste is really important to customers,” Kaplan notes to CNN Business. “They want sweet and they want to connect to things emotionally. Peeps has its own subculture we wanted to tap into.”

As for Peeps themselves, brand owner Just Born Quality Confections states their marshmallow staples have been the No. 1 non-chocolate candy brand sold at Easter for over 20 years.