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Pet Owner Shocked to Discover Her Dog’s Been Blind Its Whole Life

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Dogs are pretty amazing and adaptable, overall. However, one pet owner is absolutely shocked as she just discovered her beloved border collie has been blind his entire life and she had no clue. Read on to learn about Dave the border collie’s intuitive nature and awareness of puddles.

The United Kingdom resident, Jane Downes, told media she had been living with her dog for nearly a year. Never once did she suspect the totality of his blindness. In a statement to a local outlet, Southwest News Service, Downes said, “No one’s got any answers. It’s just a conundrum.”

She explained that Dave the dog has never appeared blind. He doesn’t struggle to walk or navigate and is even aware enough to avoid puddles.

Downes further shared that she adopted the dog from an animal rescue in 2020. She said Dave “jumped into the back of the car” without any apparent issues. She did reveal that Dave has stumbled into a few items in their home. However, she just attributed it to his being a sheepdog. She thought perhaps because he was more accustomed to larger spaces, the confines of the home potentially tripped him up.

However, one day, she and Dave the dog were headed into a pet store. As they entered, the border collie stumbled over a step. That’s when someone suggested the dog might suffer from blindness.

Soon after, she took her beloved pup to the vet. It was then Downes found out the dog was completely blind and had been since birth. The vet told her Dave’s retinas had never fully developed. For professionals in the field, they lack understanding of the dog’s intuition and ability to freely move around. Overall, they simply termed Dave’s condition and awareness both a “medical mystery.”

Long-eared Dog Breaks a Guinness World Record

Dave’s blind abilities have given him international fame. With the ability to walk around completely blind and still able to load himself up for car rides and avoid wet puppy paws, there’s no doubt he’s made history. However, dogs possess a plethora of unique and interesting features and traits. Earlier this month, one American canine has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest-ears on a living dog.

Long-eared and long-faced, basset/bloodhound 3-year-old mix, Lou, has gained international fame. The brown-eyed pup’s long ears measure an impressive 13.38 inches, truly making her one-of-a-kind. However, prior to attaining international fame, Lou began her puppy dog journey in her hometown at the local vet’s office.

Although, while many floppy-eared pups, both with long and short appendages require regular care, Lou’s long ears actually require little maintenance. Though, in regards to the dog’s impressive appendages, her owner, Paige Olsen, stated she does get cold in the winter. And truthfully it makes sense as even tiny human ears get a bit frosty on a cold, windy afternoon.

To best protect the dog’s iconic ears, Olsen keeps Lou’s droopy ears and face wrapped in a snood. And if you haven’t actually heard of a dog snood, look it up. It’s definitely a must-see.