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Phil Robertson Gives Look at Damage Caused by Hurricane Delta

by Evan Reier
(Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

Six weeks after Hurricane Laura, the people of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas are dealing with another: Hurricane Delta. Along with 700,000 other people who have reported power outages and other damage, Phil Robertson now looks to recover.

The Duck Commander founder posted an update after the hurricane made landfall in the southeast United States. Robertson says that there is damage, but that he and his family are safe and healthy.


“Power out, trees down, road blocked, but we’re OK. Join us in praying for everyone hit by Hurricane Delta. The storm will be out of the news in a few days, but the aftermath will last a lot longer than that for the people of Louisiana,” he writes.

While Delta reverted to a tropical storm before making landfall, it’s winds still clocked in at 100 miles an hour upon landfall. Robertson and other residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are fighting an uphill battle. Many people are still recovering from Laura’s impact, and a second massive storm hitting those areas is the last thing residents need.

Louisiana National Guard assisting post Hurricane Delta

Per CBS News, over 2,500 Louisiana National Guard members are deployed to assist the state. Considering that Delta is the fourth major storm to hit Louisiana in 2020, it’s especially necessary.

Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards is addressing the recovery as the state assesses the damage. Further, Edwards promises the full effort of the state in the recovery.

“I want folks to be hopeful,” Edwards said. “Because we’re going to do everything we can to get them right-side up again.”

Additionally, the governor went on to post additional statements on Twitter.

#Delta has left hazards like flooded roads, downed power lines and displaced wildlife in our communities that no one should take lightly. Everyone needs to remain vigilant, continue to listen to local officials and be safe. #lagov#HurricaneDelta