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Phil Robertson Speaks Out on Miss Kay’s Reaction to Learning of His Daughter From Extramarital Affair

by Outsider
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Miss Kay, the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, is a straight shooter. But her life with husband Phil Robertson hasn’t always been idyllic.

The pair were married when Kay was 16 years old. Before the Duck Dynasty series got underway, Phil Robertson admitted to being unfaithful to his wife. But he never let that tear them apart.

On a recent episode of Unashamed, Phil Robertson and his family’s video podcast, the topic came up. The guys discussed marriage as well as all the intricacies that come with it.

“I was somewhat of a disaster before I met my wife,” Robertson’s son Jase admitted. “I always say 1 + 1 equals one, but we’re actually one,” he said of his marriage. The rest of the family, including Phil Robertson, had similar views.

“The biblical model, by far, is the best model. America has forgotten that, and it’s come back to bite them,” said Phil of “traditional” marriage. He went on to mention the daughter he had outside of his relationship with Miss Kay, who apparently was unfazed by the issue.

“A good woman is when you come back mid-day from being in the woods and the first question she asks is that she’s legitimately concerned, ‘Did y’all get ’em’? When a woman asks you if you got ’em or not, that’s a good sign.”

The Duck Dynasty family explores marriage and relationships

The family discussed hunting, getting Jase’s wife to eat the meat he had hunted, and what’s important in a relationship.

The conversation turned to Miss Kay, who the family had prayed for recently. She was set to make an appearance on the podcast, with an “exciting female guest” that day.

“Miss Kay stayed with me, that’s all I got to say about that,” Phil said of his relationship with her.

She forgave him for his indiscretion 44 years ago, and Phil in return is “sticking with her.” So far, it looks the pair are in for a very happy ending.

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