PHOTO: Boots Line Streets of Hawaii Marine Corps Base Honoring 13 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In light of the tragic deaths of 13 service memebrs killed in Afghanistan, organizations, agencies, influential individuals, and more have been sharing thoughtful and creative tributes in honor of those young men and women. Most recently, the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii has lined the street leading onto the base with boots commemorating those 13 individuals.

The imagery is beautiful, especially in FOX News‘ Instagram post above. A sunny blue sky and bright green palm trees serve as a peaceful backdrop to the boots lining the street. Additionally, each pair of boots appears accompanied by a photo of each of the deceased service members.

Thoughtfully placed within are bright red roses and even brighter daisies that appear to symbolize the beauty of each young life and the sorrow their absence creates. Small American flags wave gracefully from each pair of boots, the iconic stars and stripes proudly erect along the street.

Overall, the tribute, though solemn, is a thoughtful symbol of each of the 13 soldiers. Commenters to the post shared their thoughts and sorrow for each lost life. “Love this tribute even though it’s not in the Big Island, which is my place, but will go to Oahu to visit and pray.🙏🙏”

Others shared more typical condolences, writing, “May God bless the soul of these American heroes.”

Outsider honors these 13 heroes and keeps their loved ones in our thoughts.

Law Enforcement Created a Loving Tribute for 13 Deceased Service Members

As military bases across the United States, no doubt, have held some sort of tribute or memorial honoring the 13 deceased service members, law enforcement and first responders have recently done so too.

On Tuesday, Kissimmee, Florida’s police department created a special tribute in remembrance of the young men and women who died during the suicide bombings.

They shared the tribute on social media which featured the participation of 13 department patrol cars. The collection of vehicles circled three flag poles, flags at half-mast, in the shape of a heart. The patrol car at the point of the heart boasts a neatly displayed American flag, and each vehicle flashes reds and blues.

“13 patrol cars for the 13 service men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan,” the post began. “Our hearts go out to their families and friends. May they Rest In Peace and never be forgotten.”

Again, followers of the post shared their thoughts, prayers, and condolences. They further thanked the young service members who lost their lives, promising to keep them in their thoughts, never to be forgotten.