PHOTO: Ford Reveals 2024 Mustang, Sticks With Gasoline in EV Era

by Samantha Whidden

Despite being in the electric vehicle era, Ford announced that its 2024 Mustang will be sticking with gasoline as its fuel source.

According to CNBC, the 2024 Ford Mustang was unveiled during the 2022 Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday (September 14th). Ford revealed that the new model will be sticking with a gas engine, which is considered a strategy that contrasts with some of the car manufacturer’s rivals that are going the electric vehicle route. 

Details of the 2024 Ford Mustang were also featured in a video posted on the automaker’s Instagram. “Nearly 60 years of hoof-pounding, heart-stopping, head-turning pony action have led to this once-in-lifetime moment: the debut of the all-new 7th-generation [Mustang].” 

Ford officials also state that resigning the vehicle without any type of electrification is part of its “Mustang family” strategy. That includes the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover, which became available in late 2020. Speaking about the vehicle, Jim Owens, Head of Mustang Marketing, further explained, “We know customers do want the internal combustion and some of them want the electric and we offer both in that Mustang family.” 

Meanwhile, CNBC further reports that a planned hybrid variant of the Ford Mustang was scrapped. This likely makes the vehicle the last “gas-powered muscle car” from the Detroit automaker. Owens then shared what makes the Mustang stand out from others. “Some of our competitors are talking about not being in internal combustion engine sports car business, and what we are so proud of here today is that we are already expanding that family.” 

However, Owens as well as other Ford officials did decline to comment on whether the 2024 Ford Mustang will be the last to feature a traditional internal combustion engine. The automaker did reveal a new high-performance Mustang model with a V-8 engine called “Dark Horse.” 

Ford Shares More Details About the 2024 Mustang

CNBC also reports that during the Detroit Auto Show, Ford announced more details about the 2024 Mustang. It was revealed that the vehicle will look familiar to fans. The vehicle is called an “evolutionary change” from the sixth-generation edition. But the latest Mustang will have characteristics that are a bit more “muscular.” 

Chris Walter, Ford Mustang design manager, told the auto show crowd, “We’re adding a modern edginess to heritage-inspired design.” Walter and his team shared that the front and rear of the vehicle are redesigned. However, the silhouette and overall dimensions of the vehicle are still similar to the current-generation Mustang. CNBC says the last design of the Mustang was for the 2015 model year. 

Ford did not release performance specifications for the new Mustang. However, it was noted that the vehicles will likely be better than the current vehicles.