PHOTO: Hoarder Turns Apartment Into Shocking Mess With 6,000 Beer Cans, Rotting Food, and Piles of Feces

by Courtney Blackann

Everyone has moved out of an apartment and thought, “Did I leave it clean enough or will I be charged for some leftover dust on the floorboards?” However, most people are generally considerate enough to clean up after themselves. Or to not hoard trash.

Well, those with weak stomachs may not want to keep reading. A truly nasty display was left for an apartment owner in the United Kingdom after a tenant moved out. The situation level was hoarder times ten. The grotesque space was left with thousands of bottles, cans, trash and feces.

That’s where Freddie Gillium-Webb comes in. The 29-year-old had the daunting task of removing the mass amounts of junk from the apartment. In a series of photos, the young man shared the experience. Masked up and body suit on, Gillium-Webb gives a thumbs up in front of couches piled with cans and old food, according to a report by The New York Post.

Additionally, while there was a trash bin in the space, it was unused.

“The tenant might have had depression, and he probably had a drinking problem based on the amount of cans — you need help sometimes, but you can’t live like that, there’s no excuse for it to get that bad,” Gillium-Webb said.

Cleaning Up After the Hoarder

Walking through the area, the clean-up man said it was unrecognizable as a living space at all. He estimates removing about 8,000 cans.

The photos Gillium-Webb took are absolutely vomit-inducing. Layers of a black film covered sinks, the bathtub and the floors. Old, rotted food covered all sides of the kitchen and living room. The hoarder left ample filth and trash throughout the entire area.

“You’d think renting through an estate agent would be fail safe because they have guarantors, so I can’t see how it’s been allowed to happen. It just shouldn’t be able to happen, and tenants like that should be blacklisted from renting again, because otherwise, it could just happen again and again to more landlords,” Gillium-Webb said.

While the landlord attempted to make inspections of the apartment, the tenant refused. Eventually, he was evicted. But the damage was clearly a done deal.

Not unexpected, Gillium-Webb went through more than 100 trash bags and 10 bottles of bleach while trying to salvage the space. He lamented his queasiness by sharing that the toilet had “never” been flushed. The smell permeating through the area was unbearable. Gillium-Webb admitted to throwing up at least three times while cleaning up the mess.

The disposal worker also said that renter laws are too lenient and don’t protect the owner from incidents like this.

People who hoard are known for having other mental health issues which cause the behavior. In this case, the renter had let the situation go on for months. However, not all hoarding situations have to be terrible. As “American Pickers” stars revealed, some really great treasures can be found amid a house of what some may consider junk.

According to the harrowing photos by Gillium-Webb, that was most likely not the case here.