PHOTO: Rainbow Appears Where Authorities Discovered Gabby Petito’s Body

by Courtney Blackann

As officials announced to the world Sunday that missing Gabby Petito’s remains had been located, a rainbow appeared overhead near Grand Teton National Park. Perhaps it’s a sign of peace – a gentle offering that the young woman can now rest.

Some people believe rainbows are a symbol. A delicate sign from a loved one after they’ve reached the other side. We can’t know this for sure, of course. But if the sentiment brings comfort, then let it be.

Twenty-two-year-old Gabby has been missing since Sept. 11. However, her family believes she disappeared long before that date. They received a text, which was sent from her phone, on Aug. 29. It indicated she was in Yosemite National Park with “no service.” But her family isn’t so sure Gabby sent the message.

The young woman was traveling across the country visiting different national parks with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, 23. The two were sharing their adventures on social media for weeks before Brian returned home to Florida without Gabby.

Instead of commenting on what happened to her, Brian secured a lawyer. His family also didn’t discuss her with law enforcement despite pleas from Gabby’s family, who live in New York.

Gabby’s Boyfriend Goes Missing

Then, earlier this week, officials announced that amid the search for Gabby, Brian also went missing. The strange details only intensified after Brian’s family said they had no idea where the man was.

Further, Brian remains a person of interest in the case – that is, if he’s ever found.

Garnering attention like that of Natalee Holloway, hundreds of web sleuths took to Reddit, Twitter and other social media sites to post their theories and outrage at what could have happened to Gabby.

Many speculate that Brian had something to do with Gabby’s disappearance or, at the very least, knew more than he was saying.

This remains to be seen if officials are able to detain him – or even find him – for questioning.

FBI authorities are looking into Gabby’s death. If she was in the national park for the last three weeks, officials do not believe she could have survived the elements. Several nights in the region hit below freezing.

After an autopsy of the remains found, officials will be able to determine for certain whether they belong to Gabby.

The FBI offered its condolences to her family after the discovery.