PHOTO: Texas Girl Escorted to School by Dad’s Fire Department While He’s in Hospital

by Matthew Memrick

With dad in the hospital, his firefighter friends showed up and helped a five-year-old Texas girl walk to school on her first day.

Wayne Davis is a Houston firefighter at Station 11. His bond with daughter Caroline is powerful.

Mom Catlin Davis said the Texas girl wants to do everything her dad does, saying, “he’s definitely her hero.”

Texas Girl At School While Father Hospitalized

The firefighter’s battle with COVID-19 has been an arduous two-week battle. 

Caitlin Davis said her husband has struggled with days he can’t talk and breathe. She said he was very emotional about missing his daughter’s first day of kindergarten.

Firefighters at his station stepped in on Monday. Several men walked Texas girl Caroline Davis to her first day at Sampson Elementary in Cypress.

 “We knew how bad he wanted to be there,” said engine operator William Beatty told KHOU. “She looked like she had her own Secret Service coming across the street.”

Another firefighter, Anthony Abbott, said Caroline’s eyes got big when she saw the men. Abbott added, “She started telling us about her clothes, her sparkly shoes, her backpack.”

Catlin Davis and the men FaceTimed the event so Wayne Davis could watch from his hospital bed.

“It was emotional because he cried,” Caitlin Davis said.

Texas Girl Still Glowing After Firefighters Help

A couple of days later and Caroline is still beaming with pride about her special walk.

Caitlin Davis said her daughter wants to see the pictures constantly, including the morning car line at school. 

Now, the family waits and prays for Wayne Davis’s recovery. They hope he’ll mend and be home soon.

“It’s very touching,” Caitlin Davis said. “You know we feel like he’s not here with us right now. He can’t be with us right now, but we have our fire family standing by us, and they have our back.”

But until then, father and daughter keep close contact. Caitlin Davis said that when Wayne was at the station, he FaceTimed with his daughter at bedtime every night at 8 p.m. 

Another Family Hit Hard By Virus

In July, the Luper family in North Texas suffered two losses due to COVID-19. 

Retired firefighter Randy Luper and his daughter-in-law Vanessa died at the hospital within hours of each other.

Luper’s son recovered after his hospital stay.

CBS Dallas said Randy Luper came from a family of firefighters.

Randy Luper’s wife and two grandchildren tested positive. 

“They were in the same hallway,” David Lindsey said. “Randy was in the ICU unit, and he had been on a ventilator. Vanessa’s numbers had been dropping pretty rapidly also, but she was right down the hallway.”

Lindsey, a former colleague of Luper, said Vanessa passed 6 hours after Randy did.

Lindsey said his former co-worker was an excellent paramedic and boss. Many had good things to say about him.