PHOTO: These Busch Beer Cowboy Boot Crocs Have the Internet Going Wild

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Busch Beer may be good at what it does best – making a delicious and enjoyable cold beverage for beer drinkers, margarita lovers, and most recently, hard-cider drinkers. However, could the famous beer company be exploring a new market? Not likely, but some Busch fans do think one of the company’s most recent idea is rather genius.

“Tell us this isn’t genius,” the beer company said in a Wednesday Tweet featuring a photo of cowboy-boot styled “Crocs.”

The boots, obviously, are not a real thing. But who knows, Crocs has been introducing a variety of new styles from sandals to sneakers. Maybe a cowboy boot version could be on the horizon?

The imaginary Crocs Busch featured in the recent tweet are designed in the shape of knee-high cowboy boots. However, this hypothetical pair of cowboy boots is sporting something out of the ordinary for the average pair of cowboy attire. Rather than the traditional pointed toe and lifted heal most pairs feature, these boots feature the shape of a classic pair of Crocs at the bottom.

The beer company even added a few of the well-known Croc charms Jibbitz to the perforated designs. The hilarious image included a few Busch can charms – one black, and white with a couple of deer horns, the other two sporting the “classic” Busch can “look” one a Bush heavy, the other a light version of the popular beer.

The funniest part of the Jibbitz detail the company added to the boots is, the tiny apple featured on the side – this of course is a nod to the beer-makers latest product, Busch Apple. Another one of the details the company added to the Busch Twitter post was mini decorations that read, “BAD DAY TO BE A BUSCH LIGHT.”

Crocs Is A Footwear Staple

Crocs have long dominated the market in clogs that go anywhere from the street to the beach. And, apparently, Busch thinks this market could expand to cowboy boots.

The beer company followed up its Wednesday Tweet with a shout-out to the popular shoe company with the message “@Crocs, if only…”

And Twitter users are quick to give their two cents on the beer company’s hilarious mock-up.

Busch Fans Can Get On Board With This New Style

One post noted the versatility of the classic Croc, and noted this hypothetical style would be perfect for almost any situation.

“Oh brother. I’d probably never take these off,” noted the poster, adding that the boots would transition beautifully for almost any occasion.

“Pool day… Busch croc boots. Tailgate… Busch croc boots. Going out… Busch croc boots. NASCAR race… Busch croc boots,” the Tweet read. “Friday at work… Busch croc boots. Bedtime… Busch croc boots. Grillin’… Busch croc boots.”

Another tweet mentioned how handy a style such as this would be while enjoying the great outdoors.

“these are the number one fishing and creek boots,” the post read. “I now need them in my life.”

While Crocs has been a go-to brand for many years, the shoe company has been working hard to become more visible beyond their former status. The company has recently collaborated with some major stars such as Justin Beiber and Diplo.

The company has also added a variety of products on its website. So, who knows, maybe these fantasy Busch Cowboy Crocs could be a thing in the near future.