PHOTO: Three Cars Trying to Exit Highway at Same Time End Up Getting Stuck

by Shelby Scott

Most drivers are familiar with road rage, either exhibiting it or experiencing it. However, one Georgia highway suffered major blockage after three individual drivers refused to yield to each other in approaching an offramp. In the end, all three of the vehicles become wedged between the highway’s concrete barrier and the divider indicating the entrance to the offramp. In the end, everyone lost.

According to, the photos from the relatively avoidable accident went public on the Sandy Springs Police Department Facebook page. The department is located in Sandy Springs, GA. The police department shared the incident on the evening of August 25th.

In the post, authorities write, “SSPD is investigating this crash on I-285 East at Glenridge Drive, where these three vehicles tried taking the exit at the same time. No injuries were reported.”

Nevertheless, the pride of at least one of these drivers saw indignity following the crash. Clearly, speeding onto the ramp helped nobody in their travels. The news outlet stated that authorities are unsure at the moment which one of the drivers is truly at fault.

The photos capture an older GMC Savana wedged between a new Ford Mustang and a grey GMC Acadia. From the look of the photos, it appears the Mustang suffered the majority of the damage. One photo shows its right front tire rests upon the barrier.

The Highway is No Place for Recklessness

The latest traffic incident to go viral boasts three cars and drivers jammed in a hapless, well, jam. However, a July traffic incident saw one driver “Dukes of Hazard” their way onto a California highway. The video reveals that the incident could have very easily turned deadly.

Media previously reported an almost fatal accident in early July which took place along Highway 99 in the coastal state. The video was captured on one trucker’s dashcam. It briefly saw a white car airborne above the highway before it crashed right in front of him.

The vehicle’s horrendous entrance onto the highway was preceded by billowing smoke. The white car then nosedived, flipped, and finally halted upside down on Highway 99. The driver soon heard screams and immediately called first responders.

The insane accident was, for the most part, unexplainable at the time. However, authorities shared very little information as to what happened following. Apparently, one witness saw the white vehicle drive backward to exit an on-ramp. Prior, it had had a part in a hit and run. The car then missed a turn and drove right over the overpass.

Incredibly enough, the woman suffered only minor injuries and no other vehicles or humans were affected by the dramatic crash. Regardless, this is a reminder to all of you Outsiders that driving defensively, with a cautious eye on your surroundings, is so important in a world of such intense road rage.