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PHOTO: World’s Most Expensive Hamburger is ‘Smoking Hot’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Fritz/ClassicStock/Getty Images

For food enthusiasts willing to dish out exuberant amounts of money for the wildest meals, a new hamburger is ready for consumption.

An owner of a Dutch restaurant called De Daltons, Robbert Jan de Veen, has created what is now being considered the world’s most expensive hamburger. The cost of the burger is $5,964.

According to Esquire Middle East, the masterpiece is named “The Golden Boy” and it took over five months to put it together in its entirety. So, what can possibly go in between two buns that will cost nearly $6,000?

Veen gathered some of the most infamously expensive ingredients of the culinary world. That includes Japanese Wagyu beef, beluga caviar, Alaskan king crab, and white truffle. The original world record belonged to an American restaurant in Oregon.

A huge part of the fun was to break a world record. However, Veen’s real reasoning was to use those proceeds and put them toward a really amazing cause. He sold the burger to a Netherlands-based conglomerate called Remia International on June 28.

Reasoning Behind the Hamburger Masterpiece

All of the proceeds were going to food banks located in The Netherlands. It would go toward over 1,000 food packages for those struggling, especially after the impact of COVID-19. Veen said in a statement, according to Times of India, that the idea for the burger came due to his depressed feelings. He felt awful witnessing the condition that the food and restaurant industry is in currently.

The burger he created wasn’t just a horrendous mosh-posh of expensive food from all over the world. Apparently, it also tasted pretty good as well.

“The ingredients complement each other very well and the flavours are intense. Even though this burger is extremely costly, you should still use your hands because that is the only way to eat a burger. Since the bun is covered in gold leaf, your fingers will be golden by the time you finish,” the Chairman of the Royal Dutch Food and Beverage Association, Rober Willemse, said.

The burger is currently being reviewed to see if it will officially hold the world record. The Official World Record Association is responsible for that designation. Veen is wanting more and more people to try his epic and costly creation.

If the burger has piqued your interest, his DMs are open.

Most Expensive Pizza

Trying to create some of the most elaborate, expensive, unique, and awe-worthy food has long been a goal of the food industry.

While a new winner takes the title for the most expensive burger, someone else holds the record for the most expensive pizza. According to Mental Floss, the New York restaurant called Industry Kitchen sells a pizza for $2,700. It has the Guinness World Record for the “most expensive pizza commercially available.”

It has black squid ink and also comes with white Stilton cheese, Osetra caviar, truffles, and actual gold leaves.