PHOTOS: Heroic NYPD Officers Rescue Folks Trapped in Basement Due to Nightmarish Flooding

by Megan Molseed

The worst of Hurricane Ida may have hit earlier this week, but the remnants of the deadly storm are still having disastrous effects across the nation. Most recently, the deadly storm has created life-threatening conditions across the northeast; as Ida continues to dump torrential rains in its path.

Ida was moving towards the northeast late Wednesday. New York declared a state of emergency as the storm slammed the area causing numerous dangerous, and deadly, floods in its wake. The condition got so bad by early Thursday, that NYPD officials requested residents lockdown. Calling for a travel ban in the area.

As residents locked down, however, the NYPD heroes and other first responders were ready to go to protect and rescue those who may need it.

Hell or High Water, the NYPD Heroes Respond To Calls

Among those needing rescue as the floodwaters from Hurricane Ida’s storms pummeling the northeast area, were a disabled man and his furry companion.

The Fox News post included a picture of the crews reducing the grateful man and his dog who were trapped in a basement after the rain started pummeling the area.

A Brave Rescue

The photos depict the heroes of the NYPD rescue crews as they first, carry the man to safety; followed by his furry companion, a grateful pup covered in some fluffy white fur.

The duo was trapped in a basement with at least three feet of water early Thursday morning. The basement area in which the two were stranded was blocked off and difficult to get to. The NYPD first responders called in for extra help to bring the man and his canine to safety.

The state of New York had declared a state of emergency early Thursday; as Hurricane Ida continued up the coast, pummeling the northeast region with torrential rains; dumping record rainfall throughout the entire area.

Remnants of Hurricane Ida Cause Deadly Conditions Across the Northeast

By Thursday morning, all of the city’s subway lines were suspended due to widespread flooding.

“We’re enduring an historic weather event tonight with record-breaking rain across the city,” noted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on a Wednesday evening Twitter post. The mayor added that the storm was creating “brutal flooding and dangerous conditions” throughout the city.

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana late Sunday morning. When the storm found its way to land along the gulf coast, Ida was classified as a category four hurricane. Experts have noted that the force of the deadly Hurricane Ida has weakened quite a bit since Sunday. However, the storm is still wreaking havoc as it continues to move north.

According to reports, NYPD officers have been responding to calls for help regularly since the storm reached the area.