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PHOTOS: Indiana Horse Trapped in Freezing Creek for Hours Before Being Rescued

by Matthew Memrick
Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)

Indiana fire departments rescued a Tennessee walking horse from an hours-long ordeal on a frozen creek on Thursday.

Lola, a dark-haired beauty in her late 20s, left her home field in Greenfield but was found stuck on Nov. 30. 

Yahoo! News reported that Sugar Creek Township Fire Department and the Buck Creek Township Fire Department brought necessary supplies and manpower to save Lola.

Greenfield is about 25 miles east of Indianapolis.

Lola Already Had Medical Woes

Lola’s veterinarians at Skillman Veterinary Services said she recently survived a corneal infection and choke in a Facebook post. With the choke, the horse had an obstruction in her esophagus.

This time, Lola’s owner worried when she did not return to the barn for breakfast with the other horses. After searching where the horse usually roamed, they found her stuck in the creek. Searchers found Lola soaked and almost submerged in the creek.

Natalie Skillman said on Facebook that the horse was “exhausted from physically holding her head up to keep from it going underwater and drowning.”

Staff said the stuck horse was in the water for over a few hours, and they contacted emergency personnel.  

Firefighters Worked To Save The Horse

Two fire departments used a backhoe and needed equipment to raise the 1,000-pound Lola from the creek. 

The veterinarian staff said the horse shook violently from the cold in an attempt to keep body heat. Likewise, they were discouraged that the tired horse may not survive.

But their care worked. Lola got fluids, medicine, and heat packs, and the staff witnessed a turnaround. The mare even got her appetite back.

Lola’s owner Jennifer Cross piggybacked off Skillman’s Facebook post to thank everyone involved in the horse’s rescue.

“Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel toward all the wonderful and skilled people who participated in the rescue of my beloved Lola,” Cross told WTHR

Cross went on to compliment Skillman’s staff and the fire departments for pulling Lola “from pulling her from that shallow, watery grave and offering her warmth, comfort and expert treatment.”

The owner called the group “amazing, compassionate, and strong individuals” and added that “the world needs more people like them.”

On Friday, Skillman Veterinary Services updated the public with Lola’s status, saying she was “back to her normal self on Thursday evening.”

Another Horse Rescued In California

Another animal needed a rescue after a 48-hour ordeal in a California ravine.

Sunny the horse needed a rescue from another strong group of firefighters and a veterinarian to free the horse from some boulders.

But the owners stayed and had a Thanksgiving meal at the site on Nov. 24.

According to the Sacramento Bee, windy conditions kept the Riverside County Fire Department from airlifting the horse from the Temecula rock formation to emergency personnel. 

Sunny had minor injuries and could stand, fire officials said. After a scared trail moment, the horse fell with its owner. Though the owner was in good condition, the group had to camp with the horse until help arrived.

While authorities won’t pass the rescue costs to the couple, they have a GoFundMe page set up for the horse’s medical expenses.