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Photos: Ivanka, Melania Pose Together Before Debate, Social Media Slams Them for Wearing Mask

by Jennifer Shea
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Trump women are taking to social media and winning plaudits – and some criticism – for their mask-wearing photos. 

The First Lady appeared in a selfie with three fellow Trump women taken Tuesday. The picture is getting lots of attention on Instagram, the Daily Mail reported.

In the picture, Melania, 50, appears to be leaning in towards Tiffany Trump, 26, and Ivanka Trump, 38. Lara Trump, 37, holds the camera. All four of them are wearing masks.

It’s unusual for the First Lady to appear in social media content alongside her stepdaughters. So it’s no surprise that the picture got quite a reaction.


Lara Trump’s Instagram photo of the four Trump women with Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also caused many reactions.


Many users responded to the photos with flattering comments. But other Trump supporters were unhappy with the masks. 

“Mask off,” commented Tito Ortiz, a Trump supporter and candidate for city council in Huntington Beach, California, according to Newsweek.

 “U guys are flawless, but stop with the masks,” another Instagram user responded.

During the debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked President Trump about the effectiveness of masks in reducing the spread of coronavirus. Trump replied that “masks are okay.”

Trump at another point claimed there’s been conflicting guidance on masks. “Dr. Fauci said the opposite, he very strongly said masks aren’t good and then he changed his mind, he said masks are good,” Trump said.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledges that there was confusing “messaging in the beginning” about masks. He said the administration initially tried to discourage people from wearing masks to keep them available for health workers. Fauci admits that backfired and undermined their later efforts to get people to wear masks.